Johnny Depp Can’t See 3D Movies – Maybe He Should See an Optometrist

It’s true! According to several recent entertainment stories such as this one from Engadget,  Johnny Depp is unable to see the 3-D effects in the very movies that he stars in. Specifically the upcoming  Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which is to be released May 20th.

They way Depp described it, “I’m unable to see in 3D. My eyes don’t see in 3D. I have a weird eye… It just doesn’t work.”

While  all this may seem like a small bit of movie trivia to many people, this may remind a lot of folks of themselves… or their children.  We don’t know exactly what is weird about his “eye”, whether it is amblyopia (often called “lazy eye”) or some other condition. But we do know that many of the types of problems can be detected at a very early age. It is recommended that babies have their first eye exam at six months old. Treatment such as glasses or contacts or medical procedures to prevent further problems may allow the patient to have as normal vision as possible…. even normal 3-D vision. Also, vision therapy may be an option to give 3-D vision to patients,  young or old. The book “Fixing My Gaze”  by Dr. Susan Barry is an excellent example of this.

The recent news about Johnny Depp is just one more reminder that if you or anyone you know has trouble with 3-D movies you should see an optometrist.

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Stereo Blind…when you can’t see Avatar in 3-D means more than missing out on a good movie

Note: This is our first guest post. It was written by Dr. Dan L. Fortenbacher, an optometrist who practices in Michigan. Not only is he an outstanding vision therapist and optometric leader, he is a visionary when it comes to social media. Enjoy! – Dr. B.

The ability to see in stereo. What does that mean? Basically, stereo-vision is the ability to see depth in our visual space. That is, the ability to tell that space exists between objects in the environment.  In essence stereo vision is your 3-D vision. It is the ability to judge depth because you actually see depth. This is accomplished through normal binocular (two-eyed) vision.

Most of us relate to this as we see 3-D pictures or 3-D movies. However, it is much more than that…stereopsis provides a quality of vision that is much like color vision. To those who are color blind, the ability to “see” exists, but the color deficient individual lacks a quality of vision that can only be described as a phenomenon of see the world with a quality of color perception. The world of color can not be easily put into words. The same is true with stereo vision. Until you see it you don’t know what you are missing. But, to be sure the stereo-blind are missing a lot! Continue reading