10 Design Trends To Spark Your Office Renovation In Singapore

Welcome your employees, old and new, with a fresh office look this coming 2022! The Ministry of Health has announced earlier this December that up to 50% of fully vaccinated workers can now return to their physical workplaces. If not, they can still drop by the building if they tested negative for COVID-19. Employers are also encouraged to rearrange the layout of their place of business following the health and safety guidelines. Now that your team members are returning to their usual workspaces, why not surprise them with a new work environment by starting an office renovation in Singapore?

Changing your office interior design in Singapore now and then is vital for your business and employees. Fulfilling duties in the same old room can negatively affect the motivation and productivity of your workers, so it is crucial to give your office a makeover regularly. The looks of your business can also affect its image—your clients, investors, or business partners may develop a lack of interest in your enterprise after seeing the same look for years. Having a regular renovation can also help you address the issues of your structure, such as faulty plumbing, wiring, or construction. You can also throw out unusable pieces of furniture and replace them with new items that will benefit the efficiency of your workers. By having an office makeover, you are also doing your part in keeping your workers safe by building them a danger-free environment—especially during an era when everyone lives in a coronavirus-ridden world.


But refurbishing an office is easier said than done. It requires months of planning and budgeting with your trusted team. You cannot take your workplace down on a whim and make your decisions as you go. You need to hire contractors, interior decorators, and a supplier to buy office desks, chair units, and others in Singapore. Remodelling your workspace will not be a smooth ride, but all of your hard work will pay off after seeing the delighted faces of your employees as they see their new office.

To help you jumpstart your 2022 office renovation in Singapore, here are ten interior design trends to take inspiration from:


Greener Than Green

Plants have always been part of some offices for quite some time now, but designers encourage employers to bring more potted greeneries inside the workplace this 2022. Believe it or not, having plants in an office boosts productivity and morale and will help you retain employees. So, consider making your workspace the home of palms, rubber and snake plants and add a succulent in every office desk in your Singapore place of business to keep your workers feeling happy and healthy.


Go Natural

Natural elements are still on trend next year. Incorporating various features of nature into your corporate space is a way to make your office feel light, warm, and comfortable. When heading to an office furniture retail store in Singapore, look for wooden, metal, or stone pieces. You can also include environmentally friendly decors in your design, such as plant walls and twig ceiling fixtures.


Get Comfy & Homey

Everyone spent quite a while working in the comfort of their homes which affected the design trends of 2022. Amidst the coronavirus crisis, decorators encourage employers to make their workplaces feel as homey as possible by incorporating plush textiles, cosy seats, and warm lights. The goal is to make your workers feel like they are still doing their tasks at their home office desk in Singapore.


Not-So-New Neutrals

Neutral hues have been on the list of design trends for years, but they will not be leaving anytime soon. If you are thinking about repainting your workplace, consider creating a palette that includes whites, beiges and tans. You can also add a pop of colour by getting office desk units in Singapore in the same hue as your brand logo.

Partitions For The Party

During this pandemic, everyone is used to seeing these plastic barriers that protect them from catching COVID-19. Health experts encourage workplaces to include those partitions in their office design, which may be distasteful for some employers due to its unsightly appearance. Thankfully, office furniture retail stores in Singapore offer aesthetically-pleasing barriers that double as privacy screens.


Keep It Quiet

Employees are now used to having a quiet background due to the number of Zoom meetings they hosted and attended during the lockdown period—and designers have incorporated it into physical workspaces. While having noise is expected in a corporate environment, you can control it by installing soundproof panels and carpeted floors on your office renovation in Singapore.


Casually Convertible

Even if half of your workers are returning to the office in the first quarter of 2022, virtual meetings will be a part of your and your employees’ day-to-day duties for the foreseeable future. To accommodate the blend of online and physical work environments, it would be brilliant to add a conference room that turns into a virtual meeting room in your workplace on your commercial office interior design remodelling in Singapore.


Smart & Sleek

2022 will be about improving the working conditions of your employees with the assistance of technology. Aside from getting ergonomic chairs and sit-to-stand office desk units in Singapore, you can also add intelligent features that give your workers control over lighting and climate.


Perfectly Panoramic

Working at an office desk in Singapore is more motivating if you are looking at a stunning view than facing a blank wall. Panoramic windows act like massive art pieces that change right in front of your eyes. It can also make your office seem more spacious than it is.


Lovely Lofts

Flexibility and collaboration in the workplace are encouraged this 2022, and loft designs are the ideal way to embrace them. For your office renovation in Singapore, you can choose to have an open plan layout instead of giving your employees individual spaces for work. You can still have small rooms for conferences, pitches, and discussions, but most of your workers will fulfil their duties in a “bullpen” layout if you adopt the loft design.

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