A Life Saver for This Home Cook

I am a long time home cook who got a Cuisinart food processor as a Christmas gift back in 2018. Since then, I have used my food processor practically every day. Seriously, if there’s a use for the food processor I can bet I’ve tried it: chopping nuts and veggies, making homemade pie crusts, I even made ice cream in my processor once!

Despite the fact that I was using my food processor daily, it never occurred to me that this poor tool might be suffering from wear and tear (and before you laugh, hear me out: I’ve used this tool for so long with such great results, I just assumed it was more durable than the average bear!) So when I was chopping carrots for a salad last month, I was surprised to see that my poor blade was worn down and simply not doing its job anymore.

Now, I should explain why I call myself a “home cook” first and foremost: my family is frugal in the extreme. My husband and I were penny-pinchers out of necessity early in our marriage, but it’s a habit that stuck with us through the years. So when I noticed that my processor wasn’t up to snuff anymore, I knew that my husband wouldn’t be up for a trip to the store. He’d say something like, “Do we REALLY need it? We can just do everything by hand, right?” 

I was fully prepared to argue in behalf of a new, sparkling food processor. But then my husband said something unexpected: “Can we find Cuisinart food replacement parts anywhere?” I have to admit, I hadn’t thought of that! I hopped online and started searching for “Cuisinart food processor parts,” only to be lucky enough to discover Kitchen Works, Inc.

This store is heaven for a food processor owner! They have so many parts from a variety of Cuisinart models, and they even have a handy guide on their site to help you find the right parts for your current equipment! This was super helpful for me, as I wasn’t familiar with the specific model I’m using (and I threw out the box ages ago).  

Once I figured out which food processor I had, I was able to browse a selection of replacement parts like blades, bowls, pushers, and tons more. Everything was reasonably priced, and I was excited to discover that everything Kitchen Works sells is directly from the Cuisinart warehouse — no cheap knockoffs here! I ordered a new blade and it arrived quickly and in excellent condition. I was back to chopping and blending in a snap!

I may not be a professional chef, and I’m not someone who cooks for big parties all the time. But as someone who cooks at home every day, I so appreciate how Kitchen Works enabled me to invest in my kitchen equipment in an affordable way. I’ll definitely back the next time my food processor needs a new part (and I bet that will be soon — I’m still using the processor every day)!