Coronavirus cleaning services


Prevention is better than and this is completely true in case of coronavirus disease. Cleaning and disinfecting your household, environment and yourself, reduce the severity of spreading coronavirus. It is said that coronavirus spread from person to person due to close contact. This happens among people living close enough to transmit through respiratory droplets. Transmission of coronavirus through surface contamination has not been proved. 

Currently proved by investigation of this novel disease, coronaviruses remain workable for hours to days on surfaces of different materials and skin of people, both porous and non-porous materials. Only cleaning the dirty surfaces, yourself and further using disinfectant continuously may prevent you from this disease. 

The persons who are investigated of contamination with such virus or confirmed patients of coronavirus are residing in isolation. It is utmost important to target towards limiting the virus in the environment and hence saving people from getting it. 

Besides coronavirus, germs causing cough and sneezing are of concern too for people. All people are advised to keep their houses safe and clean from infection to avoid getting viruses or if someone is already infected, remain in their houses in isolation. 

Main focus is on the health of general public and living environment. 


By cleaning means removing dirt, germs and impurities from the surface of different materials. Cleaning does not kill coronavirus but it helps in removing them and lower the risk of spreading infection from person to another. 


Disinfectants are chemicals which are used to kill germs on the surface. It may kill germs or clean surface completely and but it can lower the risk of spreading infection more, after cleaning. 

People are recommended to clean frequently touched places such as door-knobs, handles, mobile phones, remotes, light switches, desks, chairs and toilets in their homes, offices, schools, community centers, business centers, organizations of higher studies and work places especially if there has been a confirmed patient of coronavirus. It is said that coronaviruses are enveloped viruses, means they can be killed with the usage of proper disinfectant product. 

General public is advised to remain hydrated and use sanitizers on hands to maintain personal health and hygiene.

Many companies that disinfect coronavirus also do cleaning of the properties to reduce the chance of spreading viruses. Service Restoration has licensed technicians are fully trained in cleaning up bio-hazards and pathogens. They are certified and experienced in dealing with the most challenging catastrophes. They are capable of cleaning and sanitizing the schools, business places and organizations from coronaviruses. Our team is very reliable and experienced in dealing with various traumas, disasters and bio-hazard clean ups on commercial and residential buildings.

On contact, we dispatch a team which will help you in decontamination of your property. Our team makes assessment of your place and set up the property control and containment to reduce the spread of pathogens. Our team clean, remove and disinfect all areas that are infected.