Funeral Pre-Planning – The Last Thoughtful Gift We Can Give

Making plans and decisions for the future often brought mixed feelings. We usually make an effort to draft plans and focus on the bright and positive side that tomorrow can bring. However, a funeral isn’t one of those things. To all the things you look forward to, your career, your significant other, your family, thinking about a funeral is something you don’t want to bother spending time on. Nonetheless, you might still want to consider funeral pre-planning to your list.

Planning For Your Funeral In Advance

It’s not surprising to see why some chose to opt for funeral pre-planning in Singapore. Surviving family members and relatives usually decide and arrange a funeral and may be unsure what was wanted. You can spare your loved ones from difficult decisions at a distressing time. Not to mention, the crippling financial load that can weigh down should the unexpected happen. Planning for your funeral (or your elder loved one’s) can be a great help in alleviating the emotional and financial burdens that naturally go through after the death of a close loved one.

Advancing Your Funeral To Save More

As we all know, a funeral director in Singapore doesn’t come cheap, and most caskets today will cost you a lot. According to SingSaver, a casket can cost around $700 to more than $5000 depending on the material since some materials can be more expensive than others.

If you have savings set aside for a funeral, you can never be sure and tell that there will be enough – or you might be setting aside more than what you need. It makes good sense to secure yourself against the changing/fluctuating expenses that come with the funeral. Funeral prices can increase and decrease. There are times where prices double up, while there are opportunities where you can get a decent offer for such a low price. However, it’s safe to be sure that you have funds secured while at the same time fulfilling a desirable funeral with pre-planning.


Reasons For Pre-Planning Your Funeral Ahead of Time

If you haven’t considered opting for a funeral pre-planning in Singapore, there are a few things to expect along the way. Knowing that your funeral wishes can be carried out as you planned brings a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.

Putting a funeral plan early on shouldn’t be a strange or foreign concept to be dreaded. Apart from the other causes mentioned, here are more reasons why you should consider pre-planning your funeral ahead of time.

It can prevent family conflict.

Are you familiar with stories of families torn down just because of some disagreement in funeral planning? Imagine if the time comes where you passed away, and you haven’t outlined your funeral wishes in time, your surviving family are the ones who will decide and will often guess what you desire for your funeral. The scenario will likely bring disagreements that will later turn out to be family tension. Nobody desires that to happen when they’re gone.

In times such as those, families should unite together to mourn, grief, and comfort each other. Nonetheless, disagreement can take place. A simple option for a funeral pre-planning in Singapore can save all the troubles that entail after we’re gone as it doesn’t have to be complicated for our surviving family.

Opens up a more meaningful conversation with your family and loved ones

We all know how the topic of death and funeral can be both dreadful and uncomfortable. It might be serious nonetheless, such conversation leads to a more meaningful and fruitful talk. Opening about such a topic is more than about learning the funeral cost in Singapore or which funeral directors have decent package offers.

It’s important to bring out the topic about the end of life. It’s about sharing and exchanging thoughts and feelings. You might be surprised to hear interesting perspectives or opinions from your loved ones. It might even help you at the end of the day. Discussing death and funeral with our family will help us become more aware and make the most of our finite lives.

It gives you complete control to fulfil your funeral desires.

Opting for a funeral pre-planning in Singapore doesn’t only grant fulfilling your wishes but also gives you complete control over your funeral. More often, it’s common and unfortunate for surviving families to find themselves struggling to fulfil an ideal funeral for their deceased loved ones. But as you plan, you take charge of everything, including making complicated decisions to save your family from stress and hassle in doing such a thing on behalf of you.

It saves money

As mentioned above, with the funeral cost in Singapore continuing to change, pre-planning is a practical and smart way to save more. When the time comes where funeral costs increase further in the years to come, you’ll be more secure and safe from having to churn the remaining cash from your wallet.

How-to-Pre-Plan-Your-FuneralHow to Pre-Plan Your Funeral

It should be you who should take control of your funeral. For pre-planning, the process can be relatively more straightforward than you would expect.

Have a pre-plan checklist

A funeral director can help you assist throughout the process however, you’re better with a checklist. The first thing you need to keep in mind is to list down any request you want (such as what type of venue, venue size, the colour of the casket, etc.) and share it with your preferred funeral director in Singapore.

Consider your budget

Singapore funeral homes have varied price ranges. Some are more expensive and cater for high-end funeral ceremonies, while some aim for more budget-friendly. Make sure you nail down the allotted budget for pre-planning. Don’t forget to ask for general pricing to scale and adjust your budget should the average cost become higher than you would expect.

Having an up-to-date will

Your surviving family won’t be so sure what to do with the remaining asset after you pass away. To avoid all the trouble that will come with unpreparedness, have your will updated as soon as you can.


A time for the death of a loved one is never an easy time for surviving family and loved ones. However, with proper preparation and planning, you can somehow ease the burden for them as they bid their final farewell to you.

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