How to look for the best book publishing company in Delhi?

As a writer, you often feel that writing the manuscript was easier and more in your control than getting it published. This thought springs to mind after having burnt the midnight oil for days together! The thought of getting a book published can give cold feet to any writer, especially the budding writers.

Undoubtedly, it is due to the many hassles that a writer faces when looking at traditional publishing that writers today are happy to self-publish their book and work with self-publishers. In a very short span of time, India has seen a spurt in the growth of self-publishers who assist new upcoming writers in getting their books published fast and cheap. This brings us to the question – how to choose the best book publishing company in Delhi?

  1. Check for the reputation of the publisher. Since this is a new industry, most publishers would not have been around for long. But the ones that are good and doing better than others are the ones that are also getting mentioned somewhere or the other in the trade and industry forums, newsletters, updates etc. Spend some time checking out the credibility aspect of the self-publisher.
  2. You may be writing in English, Hindi, or your mother tongue. It is ideal to go to a publisher that offers services in all languages. There are some publishers who specialize in a particular language – for example, there are many English book publishers in Delhi. If you are writing in english, you might want to consider the ones that offer english language publishing. Again, you would need to verify and review the publisher diligently to get to a better understanding.
  3. Focus on the services being offered. From editing to revising the content; experts at graphic designing so that the book covers can be appropriately and aesthetically made; online and offline market reach so that your book just doesn’t become another published copy that fails to reach the right audience and many more such services. The best book publishing company in Delhi will offer these and more such services.
  4. Delivery timelines – most writers choose to self-publish because it is fast and there are no unnecessary delays. You need to make sure that the publisher you choose for your book is committed to deadlines. You might want to ask the publisher for references and read through the reviews of some of the writers who have used their services.
  5. Rates – Self-publishing is a preferred mode because it is you the author has a greater say than in the conventional form of publishing. Research in detail to find the right self-publishing company for your book.