How to Mark Playing Cards in Different Ways?

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In the old days, people used to do little titbits on the backside of the playing cards to intact some trickery for fun and enjoyment. Though now, these playing cards are marked with the help of different types of marking methods thus making it a very complicated process. It’s a very difficult task to make perfect marked playing cards. With the evolving technology, these older ways are still in use but the younger or more advanced ones are used more often now. To name a few newfound and profound methods, they are printing technology and invisible ink marking etc. Let’s try to understand the process and the eats behind it in a more detailed manner:

How are the cards marked?

Cards are marked with mostly two very infamous technologies, on the basis of the processing technology used there are two kinds of marked poker playing cards. You can find the best way to mark cards from internet also.

According to the division on the basis of the processing technology cards are widely divided into the following two types:

  • Ultimate Marked Poker Playing Cards: Ultimate Marked Poker Playing Cards are the cards that are also called out by people as Traditional Marked Poker Playing Cards. The markings on Ultimate Marked Poker Cards are visible as in can be seen through naked eyes. They are marked by slight changes on the deck of playing cards and the invisible ink isn’t used in them, thus resulting in them turning out visible. Following are the few ways in which the ultimate marked playing cards are processed:
    1. Block-out: It is the method of using the same colour as the back of the card to mark on the pattern on the card, making slight changes and thus helping a person is playing out tricks.
    2. Cut-out: Cut-out is a way of marking in which something is either cut or added on the pattern on the back of a card making the card slightly unique by the marks.
    3. Tinting: Tinting is basically like blackout but here the pattern instead of being covered or hidden by the colour directly is made to vary in shades a bit so that there can be some change seen.

These were a few very often used to mark the ultimate poker marked playing cards.

  • Invisible Ink Marked Poker Playing Cards: The marked poker playing card making has been widely taken over by the invisible ink marked poker playing cards. It can be bought from invisible ink marked cards online store. No matter how much someone tries to look with attention and concentration towards it, they won’t ever find out the marks. The card appears like an exact replica of the original card making it impossible to see the markings. The markings made by the luminous ink can only be seen through the special glasses designed just for that purpose.