In Search of a Good Disability Attorney

If you are still in doubt whether a disability attorney can offer some good help, take a look at the recent statistics that say that lawyer-represented disability claimants have a high chance of receiving benefits, particularly at the highest level. If you are in favor of legal representation, keep in mind some important points before choosing the right Cigna disability claims lawyer. The article focuses on what qualities in a lawyer will make you think he or she may be the right person to represent your case.

Courtesy and Professionalism

Before meeting a lawyer in person, you should make an appointment with him or her over the phone. A telephonic conversation will give you clues to the level of professionalism and quality of attention you are likely to receive from his or her staff.

Access to Lawyer

It’s most likely that when seeking an appointment, your call will be received by a staff member and not by the lawyer. This is simply because the experienced lawyers are quite busy with hearings and so trust their staff to field phone calls. A reputed firm always allows the potential clients to schedule a meeting with the attorneys for free consultation. But due to scantiness of time, the firms usually set a time limit for the conversation.

Promises of Favorable Outcomes

An attorney, even with an enviable record of success, cannot guarantee that you will qualify for disability benefits due to his or her legal service. In fact, any eminent disability lawyer will peel off every aspect of your disability case for reviewing the facts and assessing its merits. In fact, he or she can go ahead to tell it on your face that it may not be possible to get you approved faster than you can manage on your own.

Approval Rates

Nothing matters like success! Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask the lawyer about how many disability cases he or she has successfully handled. There are some pertinent questions in the context:

  • What is your approval rate?
  • What percentage of approvals did take place at the hearing level?
  • What percentage of your approvals is for partial disability benefits?
  • What percentage of your approvals is for full disability benefits?

A reputed law firm has stellar statistics of their successful approvals and always feels happy to share those details with their potential clients.

Office and Case Management

No doubt, the law firms that deal with disability cases are busy places but they have courtesy and professionalism to provide their clients with a contact number. It will help you get answers to your queries. A good law firm always keeps in touch with their clients.

Lawyer’s Credentials

Interestingly, it’s not necessary for an individual to own a license in order to represent you at disability hearings. In other words, the claimant’s representative needs not to be a lawyer at all. However, a disability lawyer has clear understanding and in-depth knowledge of Social Security Law.

Special Knowledge of Your Disability Case

No two disability conditions and cases are the same! Your case may be more complex and challenging than someone else’s. It’s particularly true if the claimant has a history of mental illness along with alcohol or drug abuse. If your situation is similar to this, ask the lawyer about how he or she is going to handle the case and if the chance of winning the case is slim or high.