iPhone 12 – What We Know

The launch event for the newest flagship device from tech giant Apple is just around the corner following the delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, whilst many had hoped to see some information a little earlier on to plan for a possible holiday season purchase, the anticipated device reveal is nearly here. But what do we know about the newest offering?

Shipping with less – One of the changes that has been more or less confirmed at this point is that the newest device will ship without any power adapter and likely without any earbuds – similar had been seen earlier in the year with the latest Apple Watch and the lack of power adapter there, but in an effort to cut shipping and production costs it seems this could be a mainstay – users who pick up a new device will have to use their old power adapter. This isn’t all bad news however, as it seems there’s likely going to be a small shift away from lightning cables as the newest version is suggested to be a lightning to USB-C braided cable, opening some more options for charging aside from the usual issued hardware.

(Image from macworld.com)

Battery and Display improvements – Another rumour circulating is that there will be some slight tweaks to battery performance and adjustments to the display to offer a better experience for users – some of the battery adjustment may come through the introduction of 5G and the need to cover the power draw, whilst other suggestions have pointed more toward the bigger screen size introduced in the bigger iPhone 11 models showing that higher capacity was needed. There are display changes too as Samsung have been said to be supplying Apple with newer OLED displays – one lacking feature here however is any introduction of a faster refresh rate, particularly over the past few months many users have turned to gaming across multiple platforms with mobile being one of the faster rising platforms in recent years as a whole, different online gaming services have found a huge boon throughout and despite imitative changes this list of sites not blocked by gamstop has become increasingly popular amongst players looking for sites to play on, the lack of big upgrades here may dissuade some people from taking the plunge.

5G and Pricing – Of course the biggest change will be the introduction of a 5G networking chip in the phone to allow users access to the next step of mobile networking once it becomes available, as mentioned this may have been part of the reason why some additional extras that would be expected as part of the purchase will be lacking to save on costs, and is another area that needs to be considered – smart phones have been dipping in to the four figure area for a number of years now and the iPhone 12 is expected to be no different with rumours suggesting the higher end 6.7” 12 Pro Max will come in at $1,099 – a hefty price to pay, but the lower end models are suggested to be much more affordable with the weakest in the line up rumoured at just $699.