Measurement of Intelligent Speaker

The functions of intelligent speaker are becoming more and more perfect. It brings a lot of convenience and surprises to people’s lives. A Mini speaker produced by HONOR is one of them. This HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker has many features. They are of high volume subwoofer, one-handed grip and double combination stereo. The Honor Mini Bluetooth speaker costs £24.99. It can be purchased at the HONOR Mini Speaker official store in UK.

Mini speaker is the HONOR family’s first TWS true wireless Bluetooth speaker. The use of TWS true wireless technology enables users to get rid of cables. No matter at home or in any corner outside, it can form a stereo speaker system. It gives people a super cool music experience.

HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker. The whole package is quite small. There are HONOR brand logo and product name above. Volume, high-quality subwoofer and double-combination stereo settings are at below.

The top of the packaging box has white transparent hooks. It facilitates the display of shelves in the store. From top to bottom on the back are product features, product specifications and enterprise information.

There are anti-counterfeiting labels and bar code stickers at the bottom of the HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker packaging box. Each product has an independent and unique SN number. It is convenient to query product batches.

Disassemble the packaging box and take out the HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker. In addition, there is a hanging rope, a USB charging cable, and a quick guide to use instructions.

USB charging cable is a white short cable. With MicroUSB standard interface, you can match Intelligent phone charger and mobile power supply to charge HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker.

There is a horn metal mesh at the top. The bottom of the Intelligent speaker is marked with a low-frequency radiator.

The nameplate at the bottom of the HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker prints the product name, model number, input power, CMIIT ID, CCC certification and origin.

The side of the speaker is provided with power keys and indicator lights. It is convenient to operate.

The charging interface has a silicone pad. It can play a waterproof and dustproof role. This little detail is considerate.

There is a label inside the cover of the charging interface of HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker. MicroUSB has a waterproof ring.

The low-frequency radiator at the bottom of the sound cavity has the same area as the bottom. It can provide shocking bass effect. The bottom circle is made of soft rubber. The outer wall is a hard shell. It has moderate combination of hardness and softness. Traces of hole structure at the bottom shows that the two-color injection molding process is adopted.

On this Mini speaker, HONOR adopts the ATS2819 SOC single chip solution introduced by Torch Core. It is highly integrated. The design of this product is small and portable.

There are many factors to consider in the selection of intelligent speakers. The most important point is that it can meet the needs and make people like it. This Mini speaker produced by HONOR is a good choice both in appearance and sound quality.