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Picturesque Places to Visit in Semarang

For those who like to take a photograph, Semarang can be an excellent place to go. Here are some picturesque places to visit in Semarang.

Candi Gedong Songo

As a heritage from the Sanjaya Dynasty in the Century, this temple complex detected by Dutch colonies is sprinkled on the base of Mount Ungaran. Regardless of its name, Gedong Songo, which translates into ‘9 buildings’, only five structures remain standing today.

Should you go for the horse riding tour, you’ll be accompanied by a manual, who will yield you a history lesson of the place and help to snap your best moments.

You may even choose to ride on one’s own in case you’re an experienced rider. You can gallop through pine forests between temples will make you seem like you’re on the set of Game of Thrones, particularly with the added effect of the occasional fog in the hills.

Unwind after exploring and ease those sore muscles by taking a quick dip in the natural hot spring. Ladies take note — it’s widely believed to have beautifying properties too!

Additionally, catch some snacks at the cafeteria and revel in a picnic at the open fields where pilgrims have once gathered.

Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah

Semarang adopts diversity in harmony. This might be seen throughout the various components that compose the Grand Mosque of Central Java.

On the front are 25 pillars assembled at a style which resembles a mix of Italian Renaissance and Arabic calligraphy. The influence can be seen in the courtyard in which six large umbrellas endure, that are identical to the ones in Masjid An-Nabawi in Medinah, Saudi Arabia.

The building itself is a fusion of Javanese and traditional Arabic mosque architecture, although the interior is a tribute to Javanese-style mosques, which is evident in the furniture and materials used.

More than merely a place of worship, the Masjid Agung complex is home to the Asma al-Husna Tower. Its first two floors feature a museum illustrating the history of Islam and how it’d spread in Java.

If you are taking the elevator to the top floor, you may get a panoramic bird’s eye view of Semarang, which stretches from the Java Sea to the slopes towards Semarang Atas!

Kendal, Medini Tea Gardens

The scenic terrain and cold temperatures at the south of Semarang are perfect conditions for tea plantations to thrive. And because the early 1900s travelers have loved the vibrant greenery in the area.

The long and hard journey to get here means you will enjoy the scenery without crossing paths with too many tourists. At one million meters above the sea, the atmosphere that is distinguishing is the principal reason to visit the Medini Tea Gardens.