Should I Learn To Drive from a Parent?

Using A Parent To Learn To Drive

Learning to drive is an exciting time for most people and it’s usually your parents who will first offer to take you out for a spin. However, the question lingers: should you really be using your parents to learn to drive? Learning to drive can be a daunting and stressful time for some people and others take to it like a duck to water. Learning to drive from your parents has a number of benefits, but will you actually be able to pass your test under their directions alone?.

Using a parent will typically be the most cost-effective way to learn to drive, however one of the most important things to remember is most parents will have passed their test a long time ago and driving tests change all the time, in addition to this, parents will likely pass on their bad driving habits to you; which could result in you failing your test. Our advice would be to always use a driving instructor when learning to drive, and use your parents as a way to get extra experience in-between lessons.

Should I Use A Driving School Instead?

Yes! If you’re learning to drive and you’re looking at the best chance of passing the first time around, then the best way to do this is with a local driving school. Driving schools have a number of instructors to choose from, whether it be male or female and you might have the option of a manual or automatic car to choose from as well. But not only this, driving instructors know exactly what a driving test includes so they can ensure you are up to scratch with everything you’ll need to be for your test.

Now it’s never a guarantee you’ll pass your driving test the first time around, however, you will be more likely to pass if you use a driving instructor over your parents. Driving instructors will also be able to tailor lessons to your needs, e.g. if you’re struggling with parking but are confident on the road, then you’ll put more emphasis on this during your lessons to help build up your confidence in the areas you lack.

Benefits of Using A Driving Instructor over a Parent

  • They know exactly what driving tests cover
  • They’ll get you comfortable driving in the area your test centre is based
  • They’ll tailor driving lessons to suit you
  • They can recommend when to take a test, whether it’s after 6 lessons or 20
  • They improve your knowledge of the road and hazard perception
  • They don’t have the same personal connection that parents do, meaning no arguments when driving

Finding A Local Driving Instructor

If you’ve realised that you’re probably best using a driving instructor for your driving lessons, then it’s time to find one in your local area. You should always compare pricing and success rates of driving schools to find the best option for you. Searching for things such as Driving Lessons Leeds and Driving Instructors Near Me, will help you to find the most local options in your area.</p