The Nail Coating Solutions You Can be Sure of

The top coat and the base coat are transparent varnishes, essential for caring for your nails and obtaining a beautiful finish to your manicure. If the top coat and the base coat are complementary, they must be used methodically in order to optimize their effects.

What is the difference between the top coat and the base coat?

The texture and effects of the top coat and the base coat are different. The top coat is used in the finishing touches of a manicure. Its application over the colored varnish promotes the shiny appearance of the nails and also allows the varnish to last longer. The base coat is used as a base during a manicure, it is the first layer of varnish which is used to protect the nail, because the components of the base coat strengthen and nourish the nails.

How to properly use the top coat and the base coat?

Dosage is important. Remember to wipe the brush a little on the rim of the nail polish bottle. The nail must be fully covered without the varnish overflowing or creating marks. One or two thin coats is enough. The base coat is used at the start of the manicure. It smooths the surface of the nails in order to facilitate the application of the colored varnish. At the end of the manicure, the application of a top coat ensures better hold and longer resistance to nail polish. Some top coats also help the varnish dry quickly. Note that there are two-in-one varnishes, which can be used both as a top coat and as a base coat. Go for the  also.

But we remain firm on values

On the other hand, we do not let go: a green lipstick must be combined with a natural varnish! With your ALL TIGERS, you should always choose from the sublime ranges of beautiful brands of green varnish . Our values, our convictions are also supported by healthier compositions. If the varnishes cannot be labeled organic, they can (and should moreover always!) Be got rid of a certain number of very questionable components.

Is it useful to recall all the questionable ingredients in conventional varnishes? We choose a vegan offer, get rid of ingredients of animal origin.

Once this is acquired, we do what we want, as we want. Matching your lipstick to your nail polish only if you want to and not to follow the trends, that’s what being an independent and glamorous woman! Live fully:

Match your nail polish to your look

Nail polish is the final touch to complete an outfit. We give it a discreet, elegant or downright rebellious look. We no longer neglect the varnish, it becomes a fashion accessory like a pair of earrings. The color of your polish completes your outfit.


Your nails should ideally recall one color of your clothes at least, for example that of your handbag. Therefore, the choice of varnish takes on all its importance. The varnish (green, we said) Must be a quality nail polish, a well-chosen shade to avoid a fashion faux pas, top quality for the outfit. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to the color but also to the texture of the varnish.