The Red Flags and Green Flags of a Freight Forwarding Company

Freight forwarding in Singapore deals with the relocation and transportation of packages of all sizes. So, if your business heavily relies on this kind of operational support, it’s crucial to know the indications that you need a brand-new freight forwarder to manage this aspect of your organisation before anything that you regret happens.

To help you get started, here are the important signs that it is time to switch to a brand-new freight forwarder in Singapore.


Red flags that say you deserve a better freight forwarding service

Their customer support is always unreachable.

When importers experience problems with their freight forwarding services, some if not all support and representatives cannot be found anywhere. Forwarders can become contented with long-term consumers, which might demotivate them in locating options to special troubles.

Possibly, they have more on their plate than they can sufficiently manage. Perhaps, their priorities are gathering new leads and onboarding new clients or more considerable accounts. Whatever the situation might be, it’s not a justification. More focus is needed for the customers, especially those who have stayed with the company for too long.

A reliable freight forwarding company in Singapore must go above and exceed expectations for all of their clients, whether they have been with them for a long time or not. No client is too little or too big to obtain the best customer support experience.

A reliable firm must designate dedicated customer support representatives that are available 24/7 to deal with you. Experts who always present to answer and return phone calls, queries, and emails.

See, because representatives come to be a part of the logistics process. They are the link between the customers and the process of moving itself. You need to have an experienced staff with your freight forwarding company. If not, then it is time you consider choosing the most effective alternatives to fit your timeline and business needs.

They don’t have insurance policies and warranties.

The industry can be unforeseeable. No matter how reputable the freight forwarding firm is, unexpected situations can occur, even if they are uncommon. It can consist of a range of problems, such as missing packages and damaged goods.

It’s imperative to work with a freight forwarding company in Singapore that takes possession and has your best interests when something unanticipated happens. A skilled and reliable freight forwarder will constantly recommend and offer the right insurance coverage programs for you.

Unintentional damage or loss of residential or commercial property could be costly and paralyse your company. If your products forwarding firm isn’t giving insurance coverage choices to aid you to cover your bases, it is time to onboard a new freight forwarder in Singapore.

There is no real-time tracking present.

Today, tracking transparency ought to be basic with all shipments, anywhere. If Western logistic firms can take advantage of this modern technology, your freight forwarder must strive to do the same thing. The reality is that several companies don’t.

Some forwarders do not give real-time tracking updates during the phase of your freight. When your company relies on shipment processes, it simply is something that you could risk. You need to get your hands on the modern technology available in the logistics sector.

A reliable freight forwarding company in Singapore must offer real-time tracking updates and management. They should have a system consisting of cutting edge control panels with features to swiftly access all your delivery info in an arranged and appealing way. During this tough time, everyone deserves this type of delivery transparency.


The green flags of a potential freight forwarding service

If your business relies on freight forwarding services, you need to choose a company that would be a good fit. Here are some qualities in a freight forwarding service that you should have a sharp eye for:

They understand the solutions you need

When looking for an LCL freight forwarder, you need to determine what your business needs and the specifics of your business process. Afterwards, do your research and also see if the forwarder you’re eyeing could provide the following. Check if they have enough supplies, manpower, and features that could meet your needs. Speak with their team before signing anything. It also helps if you sleep on it before committing.

Their customer service is consistent, available and professional.

The freight forwarding company in Singapore of your choice must have the best team to handle your concerns. They ought to have the ability to call you back promptly, regardless of the phone, network, or device you are using. They likewise should be proactive and accountable in ensuring that all your business demands are looked after and met.

They have good reviews online.

With any sort of service, customer reviews are an extremely important indicator of quality, reliability, and credibility. So, before you decide on a freight forwarder in Singapore, take time to read previous testimonials from the clients they worked with to ensure that this company is hundred per cent legit.

They have a wide array of transportation fleets and networks.

The majority of freight forwarders have external partners they collaborate with to better serve their customers and provide clients with the solutions they need. It is called a business network. From lorries to land transportation and air, this network serves as bridges between firms to ensure your cargo reaches your destination. So, do not forget to choose a freight forwarding company in Singapore that has authority in the industry and is backed by other supply-chain providers.

They have a concrete crisis plan and management.

We talked about crises and concerns along the way, unfortunately, the opportunity of something failing is constantly looming. Although this is a real nightmare for all business owners, the concern would not cause you anxiety if your freight forwarder has presented you with a concrete plan for disasters. Also, if they have the assurance that they can deal with a crisis as well. A reliable firm needs to offer options and reveal a sense of necessity to address any potential or existing problems.

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