Tomahawk Steak 101

Next up, we bring you the basics of tomahawk steaks, which we believe every good barbecue blog has to cover eventually. 

Let’s learn a thing or two about tomahawk steaks, and check one of the basic recipes we recommend.


The tomahawk steak or ribeye is essentially a rib of a bovine that is obtained from the fifth to the twelfth dorsal vertebrae of a bovine thus arriving up to the loin to which the excess part of the bone is not sawn off, as lengthy as 30 cm, but it is entirely cleaned of cartilage thus giving it its sensual shape which makes it a dish capable of satisfying even the most demanding eyes, as well as awakening our most primordial instincts.

Going more specifically, we have different types and qualities of tomahawks based on the rib area. The more valuable are considered those from the 9th to the 12th rib and less valuable as you go towards the neck of the beef up to the 5th rib.

There are also “royal tomahawks”, actually less valuable because they are part of the neck. They are almost as equally good and definitely cheaper though.

The important thing is that the bone is well cleaned over the entire length and in terms of weight it will not affect the cost at all, or at least it will be compensated by ignorance.

The tomahawk steak in fact owes its name to the famous ax used by Native Americans and has come down to the present day to stand as a bulwark of our grills, a sort of EXCALIBUR for those who grill hard!


1 Tomahawk steak

Salt (to your own taste)

Pepper (as needed)

Extra virgin olive oil


Clean the steak of any pieces of bone or fat.

Place the tomahawk meat on a cutting board and massage both sides with a drizzle of oil (this will help the heat transfer towards the heart of the meat), if you like you can add a pinch of salt and pepper on both sides ( this will make a very palatable external crust)

Prepare the grill for direct cooking with very hot embers and very high temperature, brandish your tomahawk steak and hurl it into the flames of hell at 45 ° angles with respect to the bars of the grill (this is only a trick to obtain the classic rhombuses)

Cook on both sides for about 7 minutes per side, turning the meat after about 4 minutes so that the grill bars give the classic diamond mark.

For rare cooking your tomahawk steak will be ready when it reaches 50° C (120° F at the heart

Remove the meat from the grill, let it rest for 5 minutes wrapped in aluminum foil. Resting it well is an essential step, don’t ruin it by eating it straight from the grill!

Cut it along the bone and then slice the tomahawk meat perpendicular to the bone, according to your taste you can add flaked salt or coarse-grained salt. Bon appetite!