Top 5 Things You Need to Keep After Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anyplace. The ground within the grocery shop may be wet when somebody spills one thing, as an example, and it will cause you to slip and fall. You will slip and fall on an icy walkway outside of a business or whereas you are at work. Notwithstanding why you would possibly slip and fall, you will wish to work with a lawyer. Also, if you are during a slip and fall accident, then you will want to to stay some things to assist along with your case.

You will need likely necessity to wait around at the scene of your slip and fall accident to receive medical attention or fill out an incident report. Whereas the wait might not be long, it is often necessary for a future case. Slip and fall victims are typically perturbed by what has occurred and have a tendency not to understand what they or those around them are has saying or doing, however maintaining focus when a blunder and fall are often the distinctions between a win and a loss in court. You must keep talking minimum; feel free to be gracious and accept offers of facilitating, however, refrain from talking regarding however the incident happened, giving blame or creating immediate demands.

Slip and fall accidents are often terribly expensive, and if another person or business caused the fall, a proceeding could also be the sole approach you will be able to recover medical expenses, lost wages, or cash to catch up on pain and suffering. There are some simple but essential points to keep in mind within the immediate aftermath of a slip and fall that may go an extended approach towards proving the landowner was guilty. Your actions within the direct result of a slip and fall accident, each at the scene and shortly when you have received medical attention, will have a significant impact on an insurance or proceeding. The following points are a useful list to figure through after a slip and fall accident happened:

Your Clothing

Keep your clothing and shoes after your accident. If it is damaged, you would possibly assume that you merely ought to throw it away or wash it. It could be crucial proof in your case, though, and therefore the lawyer would probably want it. For know more about this, you may connect to personal injury attorney los angeles.

Witness Information

Even though everything may be chaotic at the scene of the accident, obtaining information from any witnesses who are there is sensible and knowledgeable. You will want to convey this list to your lawyer. He or she would possibly contact the witnesses to ask them to testify or to induce additional information regarding what happened.


In today’s day and age, taking photos is easy. You almost certainly have a smartphone that incorporates a good camera that you will use to require photos. Taking pictures of the scene of the accident, your bruises or other injuries and the rest that you assume appears relevant might facilitate your case.

Medical Bills

You might receive a stack of medical bills in the mail for all of the services that you might have required in the time of your accident. You would possibly be tempted to toss them within the trash out of frustration, notably if they are much high that you grasp that you will never be able to pay them. Keeping them and giving them to your lawyer is crucial, though, and it will build it simple for your lawyer to work out what how much money you might get during a settlement to assist cover your medical expenses.


If you are not someone who is sometimes involved in writing things during a journal, keeping an accident journal when your slip and fall accident is sensible. This offers you an area to document everything associated with your accident, together with what happened and the way you are feeling from day to day once you are convalescent from your injury. You will be able to document all of this on your computer, during a notebook or on loose paper that you keep along during a folder. However, you document everything is not what is necessary; instead, just ensuring that you the maximum amount of information regarding the accident as possible is that the essential thing.

There are a few things that you must be concerned with during a slip and fall accident. Of course, if you did not follow these things, you must still contact a lawyer; he or she would possibly always be ready to assist you along with your case. However, keeping the maximum amount of proof as possible, together with these five things and the rest that you would possibly assume is going to be useful, can facilitate heaps much.