Trending Live Food Stations at Indian Weddings

We all know Indian weddings are famous for delectable food, non-stop dance, and unlimited drinks.  One can easily spot food from various corners of the world at Indian weddings. It is made sure that the food quality and quantity is not compromised and is top-notch. That is the importance of food at an Indian wedding. Lately, instead of the traditional food stalls at weddings, people have stated arranging live food stations. Imagine having wedding day wishes images clinging down the food stalls and everything getting prepared in front of you. So, if you are having a wedding anytime soon, you can also use to arrange these unique and trendy live food stations!!

Fresh Smoothies and Shakes Counter

Ditching away the classic mocktails and soft drinks, having a counter of fresh shakes and smoothies can be a different idea altogether. It is similar to the basic fresh fruits live counter. You can add various seasonal fruits and flavors to them which can make it unique.

Waffles Counter

In India, the trend of waffles came pretty late. Especially to the common public. I can bet on it that even today not many Indians specially the older generation would have tasted them. Having fresh waffles counter will attract the mass and as we all know the waffles taste so good, they will be loved by your guests. Also, it will make a perfectly modern and exclusive desert.

Barbeque and Tandoori Counter

Having a barbeque and Tandoori counter is best for the starters. You can have freshly prepared starters like soya chaap, momos, paneer, and kebabs over the tandoor. People would love the smoked appetizers.

Pasta and Pizza Counter

Live pasta and pizzas counters have been there at the Indian weddings since long now. It might be an old concept, but everyone goes gaga over it. People love this counter the most and there are long queues in front of it. In my opinion, I don’t see pizza and pasta counter going out of trend, ever!

Fancy Ice Cream Counter

Lately, Cold Stoned Ice Creams and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Creams have been trending a lot. The noise made during the preparation of Cold Stoned Ice Cream grabs lots of eyeballs. People will gather around to see it getting prepared and obviously as it tastes it, they will love it. Undoubtedly Live Ice Cream counter will be the star counter of the wedding.

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