Try These Simple Yet Classy Unique Cakes

Bored of eating the same old flavoured cakes like Butterscotch cakes, Vanilla cakes, or Chocolate cakes? Well, you don’t have many options for flavours when you visit a bakery. But, you can definitely find a lot of options online. There are many online bakeries that are providing online cake delivery and are offering a lot of cake designs and flavours. Below, we have mentioned some differently flavoured cakes that you can order online and try with your loved ones.

  • Oreo Cake
    We all love Oreo cookies, and there are always experiments going on with Oreos. You must have tried the Oreo shake but ever thought of Oreo cakes? Oreo cake is so lip-smacking that will leave you to crave for more and more. The icing is full of crushed Oreos and is a dream for Oreo lovers. So, try this heavenly cake with your loved ones and fall in love with the taste of this yummilicious cake.
  • Red Velvet Cake
    Red Velvet cake is not just red dye sprinkled over Vanilla base. It is much more than that, a perfect combination of cocoa powder, cheese cream, buttermilk, coffee, vanilla, and a lot of red dye. There are many variants available of Red Velvet cake. Bakers top the cake with chocolate shavings, and all the different variants of this cake are a treat for the taste buds.
  • Carrot Cake

    If you are thinking that Carrots are only up for eating raw in your salads, then you are mistaken because you haven’t tasted Carrot cake. A moist cake filled with toasted pecans, brown sugar, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and carrots. And if you are second doubting the taste of this cake, then don’t! We guarantee that you will surely love the taste of this cake.

  • Coffee Cake
    A delicious cake for all the caffeine lovers out there! A blend of vanilla, buttercream, crushed coffee beans, cocoa powder and some other substances makes the coffee cake a delight to eat. Try it out with your dear ones and enjoy the cake over a cup of coffee for a highly caffeinated experience.
  • Walnut Cake
    Walnut Cake is irresistibly delicious. The buttercream frosting is so good that you will ask for more and more. The cake is loaded with roasted walnuts which makes the cake rich in taste. The design of the cake because of loaded walnuts makes it so eye-soothing and mouth-watering at the same time.
  • Kiwi Cake
    Kiwi is an exotic fruit and it’s presence in a cake makes the cake so yummy. The fruit is splashed on vanilla base and is covered with icing. In some Kiwi cakes, a bit of Cocoa powder adds charm and amazing taste to it. You can surely order this healthy cake for you and your loved ones for a delicious experience.
  • KitKat Cake

    KitKat can add taste to any cake and when mixed with Chocolate cake base, it is just another level! The chocolate cake base is decorated with crushed KitKat and some other candies. The cake is heated for a more chocolaty experience. Eat this delicious cake hot and you will fall in love with the heavenly taste of it.

The cakes we have mentioned above are delicious, healthy and can be ordered on any occasion. If you haven’t tried these scrumptious cakes yet, then you are missing out on a lot. So what’s the wait for? Try these amazing flavoured cakes now and treat your taste buds with deliciousness. Order cake online from any reliable bakery and get freshly baked delicious cakes delivered at your desired location with ease.