What are the Types of Pallets?

Different Types of Pallets according to their production product:

Wooden pallet:

Wood pallets in Southampton are amongst the most required, having a market share of around 90-95%.

  • Benefits:


These are pallets with affordable costs in terms of their integrity, resistance, and convenience of repair service, which lengthens their life process. Another advantage is their simplicity of recycling.

  • Downsides:

Damage to the structure of the pallet if the timber has been significantly knocked as well as trouble with its sanitation and cleaning.

Wood pallets, no matter their measurements, are subject to ISPM policies, which regulates how wood product packaging product, consisting of the pallets, have to be dealt with in worldwide trade. ISPM 15 calls for those pallets be made utilizing debarked timber which phytosanitary treatment is applied to avoid the presence as well as spreading of wood-related insects. Pallets that adhere to this guideline have the corresponding recognition labelling or plate.


Plastic pallet:

This is an option that has gradually been gaining ground on wood pallets.

  • Benefits:

Easier to clean as well as sanitize than wooden pallets. They are lighter since they weigh less as well as are sturdier than wood ones because any knocks cause less effect to the pallet. They are additionally 100% recyclable.

  • Downsides:

They are more prone to deformation under extreme weight as well as are pricier than timber. It is likewise important to know what precise material they are constructed from since sturdiness and resistance will vary significantly depending upon the kind of plastic. Likewise, if the pallet suffers any kind of substantial damage, the part needs to be replaced without the possibility of fixing.


Steel pallet:

Amongst the most resistant and likewise the heaviest, generally of aluminum or steel. Primarily utilize in the metal sector.

  • Benefits:

Steel pallets are simple to tidy as well as disinfect and additionally have a long valuable life as a result of their strength as well as impact resistance. They sustain very heavy loads.

  • Drawbacks:

Their weight is above pallets made with various other materials which raises the expense of transportation.


Cardboard pallet:

Mostly made for light weights.

  • Benefits:

They are non-reusable as well as recyclable, inexpensive as well as easy to manage because of their agility. They are additionally characterized by their reduced weight. They are the least expensive sorts of pallets.

  • Downsides:

Brief life process since they only have a solitary usage.