What Do Singaporeans Like About Durian?

Did you know that the name “durian” was derived from the Old Malay Language, “duri,” that stands for thorn. It is obvious why it was named that way because of its thorn appearance. Ever since people have discovered that such a fruit exists, it is still the most mysterious and intriguing fruit today because, aside from its unusual thorn-covered appearance, it has a strong odour. Plenty of people find its distinct aroma unpleasant. Thus, they are missing the divine taste that this fruit offers. In Singapore, however, it is beloved by many. It is why they hailed it as the King of Fruits and declared it as their National Fruit! With this, it is not rare to see marketplaces and even online stores offer durian at a price depending on the season. The love they have for the fruit only further proves that it has many to offer!

The Fun Facts about Durian

If you are from Singapore, you must already know some fun facts about the fruit. Some of them are memorable that it would be a sin to not share them. To know more about the King of Fruits, here are some fun facts that would prove that it had rightfully claimed the named king:

  • It caused an evacuation before

Durian fruits are shipped overseas every time, so they are put in packages to board a cargo plane or trucks. However, in Bavaria, a post office evacuated all its employees due to a smell coming from a suspicious package. Later, they found out it was only a durian.

  • It has been described in many ways

People love naming things and describing them according to what similarities one thing has from another. Well, durian is one of those. They have been described as “completely rotten, mushy onions,” “sewer-gas overtone”, caramelised banana and egg custard,” among many others!

  • It has a thornless version

While the thorns make durian remarkable, aside from its smell, it is also the reason why durian delivery stores in SG use more packaging. Recently, after 12 years of experimentation, agricultural officials in Indonesia produced a smooth-surfaced durian fruit! The smell, however, is still part of its charm.

The Best Months to Get Durian

Similar to plenty of fruits, durian has its seasons. If you are thinking of getting a basket to distribute or gift to friends and family, you should know when is the best time to buy them. Durians taste best during June, July, August, and September. These four months are the harvesting season, so they are freshly-picked and more flavourful for people to savour!

The Various Types of Durian to Get

When you come to visit any fruit places or onlinedelivery durian stores, you would be welcomed with many types of durian fruits. Yes, there is more than one, and Singaporeans have their favourites too. For you, you should look or taste each type to find your favourite type. Let these popular types help you out:

  • Mao Shan Wang

One of the most popular among the many durian varieties is the Mao Shan Wang durian. It has an unusual combination of both bitter and sweet flesh, almost like a Kinder Surprise.

  • Sultan (D24)

D24’s flesh is very thick with wholesome seeds. Its characteristics are what people love about it because it has a smooth and pleasant texture with a strong aroma. Some are bitter, some are bitter-sweet and others could be sweet-bitter.

  • Musang Queen (D160)

For every king needs a queen, and some prefer the queen best. Musang queen is famous for durian lovers because it is a royal treat! It has a prominent bitter taste with hints of sweetness, making it irresistible. The texture of its flesh is creamy and tastes exquisite, it is why it is rare to get them for delivery.

The Ways You Can Eat Durian

Once you get a hold of durian fruits, you should store them in a cool and dry place if you don’t plan on eating them yet. It is not recommended that you eat them every day since everything must be taken in moderation, including durian. Hence, even if you have access to durian delivery in Singapore, you should save days for your tummy to recover.

Almost like any type of fruit, durian can be turned into and eaten in many different ways. If you want to experience this delicacy in different ways, here are some suggestions:

  • Grill them

If there are grilled potatoes, there are grilled durians, too! Wrap a sliced in aluminium foil and grill them over charcoal to get that smokeyflavour. You can expect its flesh to melt inside your mouth as it becomes soft after you grill it!

  • Put the flesh in a hotpot

Up your hotpot dinners at home by trying including durian! Drop four chunky pieces of durian flesh on chicken soup and include seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, and your choice of meat to get a tasty durian laced stock.

  • Make them into a dip

Are you tired of the usual banana ketchup on your fries? If so, you should try making your durian into a dip! Mao Shan Wang durian is usually the type of durian that can give you different delicacies. What you can do is mix the durian with sugar, coconut milk, and warm water. Then, boil it over medium heat, and cook over low heat while consistently stirring until it achieves a sauce consistency!

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