What Types of Injuries Can Form the Basis for a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The fact that troubles are common does not reduce the pain inflicted. However, your pain can be subject to compensation if you are aware of the correct ways.

Personal injury cases are cases concerned with claiming for compensation for the injuries suffered. The affected person’s insurance company or the injurer is usually liable to compensate. The affected person has to move forward with the claim by consulting with a relevant attorney such as the Rochester, NY personal injury lawyer.

As such, one should be aware of the relevant type of injuries as well. Injuries for which you can claim compensation for include:

  1. Injuries Incurred In Automobile Accidents:

Millions of accidents occur due to automobile vehicles in a year. People are severely injured in this and may even die. The affected person can claim for compensation or the family can in case of fatality.

  1. Medical Malpractice:

There are many different types of injuries that arise as a result of medical malpractice such as misdiagnosis, improper treatment etc.

  1. Defective Drugs: 

Defective drugs can cause fatal changes in a person’s body and can cause lifetime disabilities as well. In such scenarios, pharmaceutical companies are held liable for the compensation.

  1. Slip and Fall Injuries:

Slip and fall injuries may cause severe injuries to a person. Depending on where the slip has occurred, the affected person claims for compensation.

  1. Dog Bites:

Bitten by dogs can cause minor or major injuries depending on the kind of bite inflicted. The bitten person can file for a compensation claim against the dog owner, especially if the owner has not vaccinated their dog.

  1. Neck and Back Injuries:

Neck and back injuries include herniated discs, spinal injuries and neck strains and people can suffer from paralysis as well. These injuries can occur during car accidents and workplace accidents both.

  1. Broken Bones:

While broken bones can be fixed with surgeries, the treatment is expensive and the person has to bear financial losses during the recovery period as well. The affected person can claim for lost wages, medical expenses etc.

  1. Head and Brain Injury:  

Head and Brain injuries include internal bleeding, skull damage, damage of tissues and muscles of the brain. These injuries can be treated by surgeries but it takes a long time for a person to recover and be healthy again. The functions of the brain are overall affected, which may in turn negatively influence their ability to think as well.

  1. Burn Injuries:

Burn injuries are inclusive of minor as well as severe burns. Severe burns can cause scarring and skin grafting. Burn injuries are amongst the most painful injuries as well. As such, these also qualify for the basis of a compensation claim.

  1. Emotional Distress:

Many accidents or incidents leave people traumatized or mentally disturbed for a long time. This can result in loss of consortium or the ability to work or to socialize and much more.