Which Type of Polyethylene Foam Packaging to Choose for your Industry?

Opting for polyethylene foam for your finished products ensures them optimal protection. PE is the most popular packaging solution among manufacturing industries thanks to its numerous advantages. It is flexible, shock-absorber, insulating, waterproof, resistant, recyclable, etc. To help you choosethe rightpolyethylene foam for your merchandises, here are the different types available for this kind of industrial packaging.

The Different Types of Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Low Density Polyethylene Foam or LDPE

LDPE is characterized by its brightness and its high level of flexibility. By nature, low density polyethylene foam is a transparent plastic but most of the time,it is colored in white to make it look better. On the other hand, manufacturers can opt for any color to meet clients’ preference.LDPE is perfect for light and resistant goods.

Medium Density Polyethylene Foam or MDPE

As may guess, MDPE is less flexible than the first type of polyethylene foam mentioned above. It is also translucent and matte. According to your needs, you can ask the manufacturer to dye it in the colors and patterns you like. Make sure to choose a reliable manufacturer to make the right PE foam packaging that will better protect your products.

Coextruded Polyethylene Film Packaging

COEX or Coextruded polyethylene film is made of several layers of polyethylene and each layer has its ownspecificities. The used method to obtain this type of PE packaging solution is called coextrusion. It allows to combine the advantages of different materials in a single film. Therefore, every industry can choose the most adapted finish for each side of theirCOEXPE (matte on one side and glossy on the other, for example). It also applies to the colors. One polyethylene film can have then two sides of different colors.

The Advantages ofPE Foam Packaging

Whether you selectLDPE, MDPE or COEX PE, you will benefit from all the advantages of polyethylene. It is just recommended to choose the best manufacturer. For instance, Novostrat proposes high quality closed cells non cross-linked PE Foam on https://novostrat.com/novocell. Those are very robust packaging items that withstand significant temperature changes. They can protect all kinds of finished products against moisture and shocks during transport.

Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material that can be shaped as needed. You can pick PE sheets, rolls, planks or bags according to the types of goods your industry manufactures. Another advantage that will surely please you as a business person is that polyethylene foam is the most affordable of all industrial packaging solutions. Plus, it is ecological.