Your Guide to Diving in Bunaken Island

Learn more about the deep seas of Bunaken by your selection of dip hotel, and you’ll be able to see seven times longer genera of coral reefs than Hawaii, 33 species of butterflyfish, and more than 70 percent of all fish species called the Indo-western Pacific. To Find those submerged beauties, here are some of the Suggested diving websites in Bunaken:

Black Rock

Dropping over the slope of Batu Hitam close Manado, you can be forgiven for thinking that not much depends on the shop. However, you might be so wrong as this excellent site, also called DJ Point, guarantees a lot of amusement. In case you or your dive manual have eager eyes, you will encounter one critter after another. Commensal shrimps, emperor shrimps, decorator crabs, and candies crabs can all reveal themselves after a little investigation.

You may spend most of the time around a set of rocky patches where you are also very likely to see cuttlefish, ribbon eels, cockatoo foliage fish, and assorted pipefish. It is a fact that the Lembeh Strait has exceptional muck diving, but if you want to see creatures, this is one of the best places to discover the small-but-perfectly-formed.

This can be a website you’re likely to visit in your return journey for your Manado dive resort from the islands at Bunaken and acts as an ideal match to the reptiles, walls, and fish activity you will have seen there. Manado’s Black Rock generally proves to be among the favorite sites of individuals who see.

Celah Celah

Situated on the south side of Bunaken Island, this site lies just outside Liang Bay, and it is a favored spot for the local villagers to relax and entertain themselves. The island’s curve protects the dip sites on the south side of this island, so the sea is generally calm above the surface. However, below sea level, there’s frequently a strong current running parallel to the reef, putting you up for stunning drift dives.

Celah means “crack” in Indonesian, and as soon as you jump into the water, you’ll see why this site has the same title. Deep walls are the regular feature of Bunaken’s submerged landscape, and deep cracks are the principal feature with the reef wall. Many of the fissures are broad enough to permit substantial coral growth.

The vibrant wellness and sheer volume of gorgonians and sponges covering the wall make this a preferred site for many scuba divers, especially musicians. Living among the mesmerizing coral formations, you will observe many fascinating creatures, in the timid and retiring pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish to the deceptively ferocious look of large morays and sea lions.

The current is not continually running in Celah Celah, and that is the ideal time to say’ Que sera sera’ and, instead, take your time to explore the intricacies of marine life from the crevices of the wall. This could be a perfect opportunity to check your dive guide’s knowledge by asking him to mention the many nudibranchs you will find interspersed with harlequin shrimps. Sometimes you may marvel, in your leisure, in the sun streaming through the cracks from sparkling golden shafts. 

Depan Kampung

Located in the southeast area of this island and meaning “In front of the village”, Depan Kampung provides quite a variety in underwater terrains. Beginning your dive on the wall to the west, you can float along at a healthy pace admiring the vast quantities of pretty pyramid butterflyfish, black damsels, and juvenile redtooth triggerfish. Neon and yellow dash fusiliers are sprinkled everywhere. Large black and white banded sea snakes slip up and down throughout the dendronephthya corals, searching for easy pickings.

Round among those jutting seams that split the world, and you may startle a whitetip reef shark. Usually restless and just sometimes curious, the shark may spin several times if it is attracted. Otherwise, they will race past the batfish to the depths.

Here there is always a lot of yellowish margin triggerfish, gilded triggerfish, and angelfish. Quite frequent at Bunaken, blue girdled angelfish are still a pleasure to see their luminous orange mark.

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