Fine Choices for the Right Wedding Rings Now

Traditionally, Diamond Wedding Rings are also made in this country from precious metals such as silver, yellow gold, white gold, platinum or copper.

Different gemstones

The amethyst, which shimmers in fascinating violet tones, is originally known as a meditation stone. Thanks to its different color intensities, it ensures the individual look of a wedding ring. He is said to give his owner positive thoughts and give him a good, deep sleep.

Known as a red gemstone, the garnet can also turn out yellowish or orange. He is considered the keeper of an unbreakable friendship and is said to have a positive effect on self-confidence. Agate is the name of a highly individual ply stone; it consists of several visible layers and can have very different colors. The love associated with him is as diverse as his shape, which, like him, goes through different phases and shapes.

The wedding ring becomes a very special one with the help of an opal. None of the brightly spotted gemstones is like the other; it represents the individuality of lovers and at the same time symbolizes hope. For the rest of life, the wedding ring should adorn the hand of its wearer. Some consideration therefore goes into the careful selection of the appropriate wedding rings. You can be as individual as the wedding couple themselves.

Alloy and quality of wedding rings

Over the centuries, the selection and design options for wedding rings have become increasingly extensive. Today, the couples in this country have every opportunity to have the rings designed according to their imagination and taste. The quality and the associated price of the respective rings depend primarily on their alloy.

The term alloy means nothing else than the ratio of the metal mixture in the ring material. A 585 gold ring contains 58.5% gold, and will be slightly cheaper than the 750 gold ring, which is 75% gold. The remaining parts of the material mostly consist of silver and copper. The price and quality of the ring are not determined by the alloy and gold content alone; its resilience and comfort are also directly dependent on it.

The higher the gold content, the softer and more sensitive the ring is. If you weigh up the beauty of color and suitability for everyday use, it quickly becomes clear why the majority of the wedding rings bear the stamp 750. So they consist of 75% pure gold and reliably defy everyday life. Rings in this country with a lower gold content are cheaper, although wedding rings are rarely available under the 333 mark.

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Gold and its variety of colors

The alloy is easy to explain why gold does not always shimmer golden. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold sparkle in the display of the jewelry store. Like its degree of hardness, the color of gold is achieved through the alloy, i.e. the admixture of other metals. The interplay of fine gold, to which copper, zinc and silver have been added in equal parts, creates the typical warm gold tone. White gold gets its color from the additional admixture of rhodium and palladium. A higher proportion of copper creates the fascinating reddish shimmer of red gold.

Platinum forever

Wedding rings made of platinum are also becoming increasingly popular in this country. Platinum is far more expensive than gold. This price difference between the two precious metals is explained by the difficult process for extracting and processing platinum. In addition, the jewelry in retail always consists of 95% platinum, so the pieces are given a very high degree of fineness of the noble material. Platinum rings are characterized by their extraordinarily good wearing comfort and their significantly higher resilience compared to gold. The emotional highlight of every wedding ceremony is the exchange of rings the right pillow for the wedding rings shouldn’t be missing!

The ring pillow for the wedding rings

The emotional highlight of every wedding ceremony is the exchange of rings, a symbol of intimate love and the togetherness of the newlyweds. The two wedding rings will adorn the hands of their wearers for a lifetime reason enough to stage them appropriately at the ceremony. Traditionally, this task is taken over by the pillow for the wedding rings, which comes in many shapes, colors and materials and easily adapts to the theme of the wedding. Alternatively, a ring bowl can be used, which can be made even more flexible.

The traditionalist: ring pillow

The ring pillow is one of the very old wedding traditions. Already in ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, it was customary to put particularly valuable gifts on a pillow to protect them from damage. The wedding rings on a special ring cushion cover the route to the altar particularly safely and do not run the risk of accidentally disappearing into a vest pocket. Regardless of whether the wedding is civil or religious a pillow for wedding rings looks noble and underlines the central importance of the wedding rings in this ceremony.

You can’t go wrong with a satin pillow in classic white at any wedding. It is guaranteed to go with any wedding dress and looks particularly festive. But cushions for wedding rings are available in countless materials and colors that can easily be designed to match the style of the wedding. The rustic touch of a wedding in the country, for example, can be emphasized with a charming ring pillow made of rough jute. There are also embellishments that make the pillow a very personal example. Gorgeous sparkling brooches, pearls, flowers or bows are conceivable. Of course, ring pillows can also be beautifully embroidered with the names of the newlyweds or a special saying.

The modern variant: ring bowl

Since some couples do not like the old-fashioned ring pillow, the ring bowl has become more and more established as an alternative in recent years. The delicate shell holds the wedding ring together until the ring is exchanged. Also ring bowls can be purchased in specialist shops in numerous materials and shapes: in classic white porcelain, made from rustic wooden discs, in a romantic heart shape, colorfully printed or with a noble gold decoration.

Unlike the cushion for wedding rings, the ring bowl also has its practical function after the wedding ceremony. It later serves as an elegant storage for the wedding rings when they are put down at night or for sports. Similarly, a wooden ring box can also be used, which also contains memorabilia from the wedding day and the written marriage vows. The decision between cushion for wedding rings, ring bowl or an alternative should be made according to your personal taste and the style of your celebration.