Information On Matka Guessing

Have control over your attitude and words are very important for the player to ensure that they have control over their language and attitude by Matka guessing. Any kind of unaccepted language or behavior will not be tolerated.

Come and enjoy

Here players come to enjoy and not to use abusive language on each other. There had been many instances where players were playing Matka have often lost their temper because of the winning chances of the opponent. In such cases, it has been seen that the end result is very bad and the reputation of both the player as well as the playing site is in danger.

Do not post any personal details

It is very important for the players to be well aware of their personal details and to keep it with themselves. It is strictly advised not to post one’s phone number or any other personal detail in matka guessing. Matka is one such game where it is very important to maintain secrecy or confidentiality for the good of one’s own. If the personal details are misused, the site will not be willing to take any responsibility. Moreover, the misuse of the details can be very dangerous for the player as well, as one never knows how the details will be used.

Do not post guessing after game time

It is also very important for the players to remember not to post any kind of Matka guesing while these results are to be announced. This will help the opponent to get an idea about the guessing and they can change it. However last-minute getting are not allowed in Matka. This means that the player needs to be very punctual about the timings. They cannot just take their own sweet time to make the guess. If you are late, you are late nothing can be done about it. Therefore, be quick and attentive to be an active participant in the game.

Follow the rules or get blocked

It is very important for the players to follow the IP rules. If one is not able to follow the rules they will never be able to play the game as they will be directly blocked. This makes it very important for the players to first go through all the rules and regulations and only then play the game. This will ensure that they do not get blocked or suspended from playing the game in the future. It needs to be remembered that the host of Matka is very strict. They will never allow any kind of carelessness.

Warning message

The message “game pass hone par guesser KO wishes Karen” is the last warning message. If you receive this message, this means that your game is going to end. You need to get very quickly and fast so that you do not lag behind your opponents. This game involves a lot of fun and excitement. Therefore, play it with fun and have a very good time. Also do not forget about the rules and regulations of matka so that you are able to play the game for a lifetime. Getting blocked from a game is not at all welcome this as it shows your carelessness.