Poker for fun general information

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. It is argued that its first variations can be referred back to ancient Egypt and China before it was brought to Europe and then to the United States.

Nowadays, there are lots of poker varieties available to play for free and for real money as well as people can choose from enormous amount of online gambling resources and play this game for fun and compete in different tournaments.

Origins and brief history of poker

It is assumed and argued by some historians that first versions of poker for fun first appeared nearly one thousand years ago in the ancient Egypt. However, some sort of domino-card based game with similar rules was first recorded in 10th century in China. In the other hand, it is said that poker first form was a pure Persian game known as “As Nas” and was played in 16th century.  Then it somehow appeared in Europe and the rules similar to modern poker variations have been formed. Here is the history:

In 16th century, a Spanish game “Primero” was recorded, where three cards were given, bluffing and betting high or poor card was practiced.

Game by the name “Poque” was created in France in 17th century.

In the same century in Germany, the game was known as “Pochen”.

French colonist brought “Poque” to North America, including New Orleans.

Anglicized Poque was named as poker.

By 1834, features of modern game were adopted with five cards to each player and 52 cards in the deck.

Afterwards, over the course of many years until present days, different variations of poker appeared and the game has become popular all over the world.

Varieties of poker

There are lots of different poker for fun variations and people may learn each of them as the rules are roughly the same. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to find the sources with rules guidelines and to practice any type of poker online for free. Here are the variations:

Texas hold’em (pineapple and crazy pineapple variations);

Pot-Limit Omaha;

Seven-card stud;

Omaha Hi-Low;


2-7 triple draw;

Five-card draw;

Chinese poker;



There are few other variations that exist in the world as depended on the region, players adopted new rules and features but the above mentioned are certainly the most popular.

Why should you play poker for free?

There are many reasons of why to play poker for fun for free. Most importantly, it offers some fun and wonderful leisure time. People may relax and be confident that no single cent will be lost. It is captivating and causes incredible feeling of adrenalin rush.

Players may learn different variations and gain as much practice as wanted. Getting plenty of experience is also very important because people may prepare themselves for real money game mode at any time.