Seven Benefits of Clearabee Beebags

Residents of London and other parts of the UK have many options for their rubbish disposal. Many people have started turning to the use of beebags and skip hire. Some things you should consider when selecting a rubbish disposal method and service include the convenience, cost, and responsiveness. Clearabee offers the best rubbish removal service in the country, and that is why they have grown rapidly to become a national service. This article will cover some of the benefits of Clearabee beebags.

  1. The low costs

If you are conscious about your expenditure, you should consider using skip hire services from Clearabee. With this particular service, you will not have to pay for labour as they will expect you to collect your rubbish on your own. Once you have collected everything, you can contact the company so that they can come and remove the rubbish.

  1. The flexibility

No one likes dealing with tight plans. With many other rubbish collection services, you will have to plan to send the rubbish on a particular date or after some time. With Clearabee beebags, you will be able to contact the company once you fill the bag with rubbish. Only then will they be able to come and collect the rubbish.

  1. Convenient Delivery

If there is rarely anyone at home, you will find it stressful to wait for rubbish bags to arrive at the house. That is why this company prefers to send the beebags through the post office. You can also request them to leave the beebags at your neighbour’s place. Their flexibility in delivering the bags makes the service highly convenient.

  1. Loyalty Discounts

Clearabee offers loyalty discounts to people who use their beebag service for lengthy periods. The discount is currently at 10 per cent. If you use their beebag services for long, you will soon be able to dispose of your trash at a very low cost. The amount saved can be channelled to other needs in your household.

  1. You Are Allowed to Keep the Bag for Long Periods

Usually, with skip hire services, you will be required to return the bag after a certain period. Most services will come to collect the bags within 14 days. With Clearabee beebags, you will be able to keep the skips for longer periods of time for a small fee. You can inquire about this fee and the associated terms and conditions.

  1. They can be Placed Anywhere

Clearabee beebags don’t have to be placed in specific positions for the company to collect. They can even be placed in indoor locations, and as long as you let them know where to collect it, they will be glad to oblige. Most alternative options will require you to place the bags in designated positions such as near the kerb.

  1. Ease of Collection

Collecting rubbish that is stored in a beebag is quite simple. The company can even send a van to collect the rubbish. Since there is little complication in the collection of beebags, the company will be able to arrive at your doorstep within a few hours of making the calls.


Rubbish can cause clutter in the house, and that is why it has to be disposed of accordingly. One of the best ways of getting rid of rubbish is through skip hire. With this service, the rubbish removal company will send you a skip or beebags for you to collect your trash. You can contact them once your bag is full, and they will come to pick it up. The costs of skip hire will exclude labour costs as you will fill the bag on your own.