What is the IELTS Skills B1 test?

The IELTS Skills B1 examination is designed for those who want to look for Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or British citizenship. It is on the listing of Office authorized Secure English language tests.

The IELTS Skills B1 test prices ₤150.

Are you going to take the IELTS Abilities Evaluate?

Does everyone who wants to stay in UK have to undergo the IELTS Abilities Test?

No. You will not be needed to take the test if you are excluded.

Exemption #1: Physical or psychological disability

Those that have a medical condition, either psychological or physical, might be exempted from the English language demand.

In order to be excluded, applicants with a psychological or physical special need will need to be skillfully detected in order to persuade the Office caseworker that it would not be sensible for them to sit the English language examination.

This provides people who are dumb, deaf, or have a speech impedimenta high likelihood of being given an exception from the English language need.

It is important to keep in mind that not all clinical problems are instantly excluded; each case is chosen its own benefits.

Exemption # 2: Age

Those that are above 65 years of age or greater on the date of application will be excluded from the English language need, as well as a result will not need to sit for the B1 exam.

In such a case, all that is required is the submission of a passport or travel document in order to satisfy the English language requirement.

Should you take the IELTS Life Abilities B1 test, or should you take another examination?

If you are in the UK, you can choose from a couple of examinations, the GESE Quality 5 B1 examination, or the IELTS Life Skills B1 test.

Both examinations assess speaking and listening, and when passed, both satisfy the English language need for Indefinite Leave to Remain, British Citizenship, as well as UK partner as well as parent visas.

For knowing about B1 test booking, please visit the link.