5 Factors to Consider For Choosing an Industrial Panel PC


The computing performance required for your activity determines which industrial PC you should choose. Ensure you have the correct amount of space available, the power supply, and the communication features required. Here are five factors to consider when you choose an industrial panel PC.

#1 Machine Performance

The CPU is the brains of any industrial computer or panel PC. It is in charge of overall performance. Intel Core CPUs can handle the most complicated jobs and workloads while offering consumers exceptional dependability and lifespan. 

#2 Overall Environment

The industrial PC you select will be determined by the environment where you will use the PC. Sturdy industrial computers and panel PC options can withstand hostile settings due to their rugged outside casing. 

#3 Intended Application

The applications you require will determine which industrial PC best suits your needs. Most firms use industrial computers as workstations and HMIs in industrial environments. Some applications necessitate data processing and analysis in collaboration with line scan camera systems. Others need their PC to cater to complex pieces of machinery like a Plasma system.

#4 Network Connectivity

It is critical to have an industrial computer system with a reliable connection. Modular daughterboards enable the installation of extra ports. Furthermore, most industrial panel PC options have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 6, 4G, 5G, and 10GbE LAN interfaces.

#5 Power Capabilities

Rugged industrial computers and panel PC options can operate in distant regions where consistent electricity is not always available. Some industrial computers also can switch between PC and automobile mode to run off a vehicle’s 12/24VDC battery.

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