4 Factors to Consider for Company T Shirt Orders when Printing

T shirts are a wardrobe staple for everyone. They are one of the most adaptable items that will never go out of style. Organisations from entrepreneurs to mid-sized enterprises to a Fortune 500 company produce printed t-shirts. Here are four factors to consider when planning your company shirt for printing.

#1 Design Borders and Edges

Designs can come with borders or free-flowing, but even going for out-of-the-box graphics needs invisible margins to guarantee the finished result has a professional look. It is especially crucial when you are designing for corporate shirt printing. Proper bordering guarantees that the visual components in a layout make sense with the main subject.

#2 Beauty in Simplicity

The best designs generally transcend trends and combine well with various styles. Keep the design simple to deliver an impactful punch than overcomplicated graphical shirts. Any extra unneeded features would result in clutter. You can also ensure that you can constantly use the same design on corporate t-shirt orders for printing with your supplier in Singapore.

#3 Shirt Colour

Colour can impact the entire appearance and feel of a design. The colour scheme you select influences your corporate shirt printing budget and final output. Stick to a restricted colour palette for the shirts to allow for a more flexible design. Colour may also change the design’s meaning, so select cautiously.

#4 Fabric Type

Many shirts appear excellent when they are brand new, but the pattern loses its quality when the cloth shrinks after washing. That is why it is critical to invest in high-quality fabric if you want the shirts to endure longer. Different textiles also suit different target audiences and purposes. Determine the best material for your purpose before ordering your company t-shirt and printing your design.

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