6 Things About Headphones That You Might Have Not Known

If we talk about headphones then one thing is for sure and that is that these headphones have come a long way since their evolution. There are many facts about headphones that many of us did not know about and these include:

1.Not many of us might be aware of the fact that the first headphones had just one earpiece.Yes.This might come as a surprise to you. If we talk about the 1880s period then the telephone operators made use of the simplified version of the headphones. It used to have a single earpiece and then this was connected to a contraption in combination with a mouthpiece for transmission. Look for the best gaming earphones under 1000 today.

2.The first modern headphones of the world were manufactured in the kitchen. This was done by Nathaniel Baldwin who manufactured them in the kitchen. This was done to sell it to the Navy as a radio equipment piece. Since it was manufactured in the kitchen the production was quite less. Baldwin, later on, did not take up the patent rights of the headphones.

3.If you might have noticed then headphones are sometimes called cans and the reason for this is that Cans was a slang in the past that was used for an earphone or for that matter anything that had to be put into the ear for listening purposes. It is also a term that is sometimes used by hipsters who used google to find an easier spelling for headphones.

4.Initially headphones were not designed to be moved from one place to another. If we talk about the 70s period then headphones were utilized for home-listening of records. The portability of the headphones was not a matter of concern for the makers of headphones. Later on, Sony came out with their walkman which increased the demand for portable headphones thereby bringing about a revolution in the history of headphones.

5.Noise cancellation feature of headphones was created in them because of noise generated in an airplane engine. Headphones are needed in the aviation industry but at the same time, an extreme amount of noise is generated in airplanes as well. This generated the need for a noise cancellation feature in headphones. You can try out cost-effective razer viper headphones today.

Final words

These are some facts about headphones that might have come as a surprise to many of you. There are many more.