6 Ways WhatsApp Marketing Improve Your Client Communication

Good communication builds trust between businesses and customers. Customers want to feel that a brand actively engages with them because it feels more human and natural. It feels different when you receive a message from an automated reply versus a customer representative. There’s an element of human understanding and compassion. Luckily, you can upgrade your customer service through WhatsApp Marketing.

But how does WhatsApp help you reach more customers?

Reaching Customers Through WhatsApp

When you think of social media, the first thing that comes to your mind is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Indeed, they are all adequate to reach thousands of possible customers. But, there’s an app that surely you know but probably not using, which is also as effective as those famous ones, it’s WhatsApp.

Surprisingly, there are two billion active users of WhatsApp worldwide! Can you imagine how much potential you can reach through this app? You can advertise your brand and communicate with people through their WhatsApp Broadcast and WhatsApp chatbot.

Not only that, but there’s also the WhatsApp Business app (different from WhatsApp for personal use) to help small business owners with the right tools, fast response, contact labels, and more.

Plus, WhatsApp allows you to send a message to anyone, anywhere you want, for free. To utilise all of these, here are effective ways to improve your customer communication by using WhatsApp Marketing.


How to Improve Customer Service With WhatsApp Marketing

In a digital-dependent society, enriching mobile communication can significantly improve customer service. The past was different when people had to go to the physical store and inquire about their services. Now, people can open their phones, chat with a customer representative, and get the information they need.

If you value this new communication system, your business will reap the benefits and, most importantly, give your clients a more human-like customer engagement.

To achieve this, here’s how you can level up your customer communication with WhatsApp Marketing.


1) Be More Human-Like

Customers want to feel more understood and heard. And it would be a bit impossible if they’re talking to a robot or an automated message. To avoid sounding like Alexa or Google Assistant, try to sound more compassionate and understanding when talking to customers by hiring customer representatives.

Fortunately, your customer representatives can answer customer questions freely and fast with WhatsApp! WhatsApp Marketing is for business owners who want to connect with their customers, not only reach them.

Although a Whatsapp chatbot replies instantly, it’s still better to rely on human resources when responding. Automated messages are only applicable for FAQs and if your store is not yet operating.

2) Use Appropriate Communication Strategies

“Can you help me pick the best skincare products to reduce acne?” What if you received this question, and the WhatsApp chatbot replied: Please visit our website for more information. It sounds too rigid and robot-like. Customers want to hear an answer based on the human experience.

Unfortunately, instant replies will not offer a realistic solution. The best way to solve this is to look for human resources. When you hire a customer representative, they’ll know how to handle customers’ emotions, not only their inquiries. They can inspire, encourage, and support them through the message exchange process.

Humans can also identify the appropriate communication strategies like sending pictures, videos, email, and other non-verbal communication. Luckily, Whatsapp marketing has features that allow you to send pictures and videos, aside from text.

3) Incorporate Your Company Brand

Another way to improve customer service is to incorporate your company brand. To do so, you must first know the answer to how to create a WhatsApp business account. With WhatsApp Business, some features can elevate your business performance.

There are features like Message Statistics, WhatsApp broadcast, Interactive Business Message, etc. You can incorporate your brand image when communicating with your customers through these features.

Doing so will help your customer recognise more about your brand because there’s consistency. For instance, your brand values animal welfare. You can incorporate your brand image by sending videos or pictures showing why your company chooses to be cruelty-free.

4) Send Follow Up Messages

You can send thoughtful messages to your customer by sending a follow-up email. For example, ask them for updates like: are you still interested in our services? Or do you have any questions about how our products work? The customers will feel that you are concerned with their well-being. After all, who wants to buy from a business that doesn’t care about the safety of its customers?

For this reason, use the features of WhatsApp Marketing by giving updates to your potential and existing customers. You can use the WhatsApp broadcast features to send updates to various contacts at once. You’ll also know how your products work and their effectiveness by sending them updates.

5) Listen to Their Concerns

Don’t ignore if your customers complain about product malfunctions and when they feel dissatisfied with the service. Instead, talk with them and ask the root cause of their problems. Try to be active while engaging them so they won’t feel ignored. Offer a solution or provide some compensation if your customers need to refund.

Of course, you can use WhatsApp Marketing to talk with your customers efficiently. As mentioned above, you can use this app to use different features that improve customer communication. But, before this, you must know the WhatsApp business API pricing to get all the app’s benefits.

6) Be Knowledgeable

Most importantly, a customer representative should know your product and service. No matter how efficient WhatsApp marketing is, if the customer representative can’t give informative answers, the customers will only feel disappointed.

That’s why, as a business owner, conduct a seminar or educate your people about your brand to have adequate knowledge. You’ll surely give excellent customer service with product expertise, and WhatsApp features like Whatsapp Chatbot or WhatsApp Broadcast.

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