Best Free Android VPN App

Do you know what a VPN Service means? Well, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and what this exactly does is establishing a private network connection over a public network. Well, you can find many VPN apps in the app market, but you’ll never know how safe they are until you use them. VyprVPN can be introduced as a popular yet secure VPN Service where you can browse the internet anonymously and open websites that are restricted to your country. VyprVPN allows you to protect your online privacy by hiding your device’s IP address where you can anonymously surf anything on the internet without any restrictions or doubts. 

VyprVPN can also be described as a VPN Service that facilitates fast access without limitations. You can browse fast and browse safely with a secure connection with zero buffering time. Searching for global content, web content, or downloading can be done anonymously through this safe and secure VPN. You can even browse geographically restricted websites, mobile apps, or anything that are limited to your country using this VyprVPN Service. All the things you do won’t be tracked, and nobody can see what you are searching for. You’ll be 100% protected inside this VPN.

You can install this VPN app for free using major app stores like AC Market, Play Store, Filelinked and Aptoide TV. For Android TV devices you can use Aptoide TV.

Characteristics of this outstanding VyprVPN

You can experience three days free of charge. No risks. No commitments and easy cancellations. You can discover a safe internet connection using this VyprVPN along with many facilities.

There will be no logging policies where you have no problems signing in or logging in. In addition, VyprVPN for Android TV won’t monitor, transmit or export your data to third parties and you can 100% trust this app. The independent audits will help you to protect the privacy of your data, so you don’t need to be concerned or worry about your data or anything.

Permission to access without limits is another special feature you will be provided. The user will be able to download any content from geographically restricted websites, browse restricted websites, avoid data caps, and avoid buffering time, stream without buffering, and more since VyprVPN covers your original identity whenever you use the VPN service.

VyprVPN includes over 70 global server locations, over 700 servers, more than 200,000 IPs spanning 70 countries and 6 continents. Cover behind a VPN wall and browse any content anonymously.

VyprVPN provides you high speed servers defeated throttling and buffering where you can play game plays, download movies, stream any stuff you like, and many more. I assure you that there’s no VPN that is poised to compete with this amazing VPN service and its facilities. VyprVPN can be interpreted as one of the best, fast, and high-speed VPN Services in the app market.

Running an extra service on background may slow down your device. This may affect for low end and mid-range devices. You can use apps like NOX Cleaner, Clean Master to close all other unwanted apps and background apps to get more performance.


VyprVPN is an excellent and professional VPN that provides the best of it to its users. You can browse anything safe and sound via this VPN service covering your original identity. This VPN supports any device and even can use on Laptops or TVs. Install VyprVPN! Go anonymous! Browse safely!