Biometric Door Access – A Modern Solution To Modern Security Problems

Security in business is a necessity. Security systems are what is left behind when all the employees have gone home and the lights start to dim after work hours. Door access control systems and CCTVs are some of the most trusted staples for protection within the premises.

What makes such a door access system such a prominent tool for building access security is its ability to provide better control and authorisation for individuals to gain access to specific areas of any infrastructure. Even homes can benefit from using a door access control system in Singapore apart from commercial establishments.

Biometric Systems – A Modern Door Access System

Security systems bear strong security protection for the establishment that is difficult to get around. However, security systems (particularly the cheaper and outdated ones) carry specific weaknesses. Security systems like door access and CCTV cameras are susceptible to hacking.

They are at high risk of being targeted by hackers and thieves, which is vital to invest in the latest security systems. Keeping up with the newest solution to the current security problems can help solve problems instead of going with archaic systems. One such door access control system in Singapore that has proven to be effective is the biometric door access system.

Biometrics uses our unique human characteristics such as fingerprints, iris, voice, palm vein patterns and faces for identification and access control.

Biometric – Old vs New Security Solutions

Back in the days of old security systems, employees were required to carry ID cards and key fobs at all times. Then there are the gradual shifts to PINs and passwords. Of all these mentioned techniques and methods, a biometric system proves to be the highest standard for authenticating and validating your identity to gain entry. A biometric door access system remains an essential integration for an enterprise setting, just like how getting a CCTV installation in Singapore is important for businesses.

These methods are also prone to be exploited and at times, causes hassle. PINs and passwords can get lost, forgotten and hacked, so the risks of being compromised are still there. They are not unique, and they can be passed on and shared. Some door access control systems can be opened via mobile or smartphone devices, but such handhelds can also get stolen, lost and shared as well.

When investing in a door access control system in Singapore, you would want something that offers the highest authentication and protection without risks and hassle.

The biometric metric system simply works at all levels and proves to empower employees as it serves them as unique keys wherever and whenever they go. One cannot forge, duplicate or steal someone else’s physical attributes, which is another proof that biometric systems remain a powerful and almost faultless solution for ‘true security’.

Biometrics Access As Essential For Enterprise Security Integration


With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the biometric door access system remains an urgent integration for contactless offices as well as getting a CCTV system in Singapore. Previous concerns about privacy and data for contactless entry solutions and over time, biometric systems have improved their accuracy, reliability and even affordability for wider acceptance and adoption. Small businesses and even homes can enjoy the maximum security solution that the biometrics system offers.

The affordability of biometric technologies, particularly in biometric door access systems has been becoming increasingly reasonable. Of course, biometric door access technology remains more expensive than any traditional door access or access control system in Singapore, and it’s the added security that comes at a cost.

Nonetheless, its fairly high price rate is worth the investment if your infrastructure demands unparalleled security protection that doesn’t get compromised. But since we are seeing high levels of biometric adoption, it generally means that its price rate is likely to decrease.

The Advantages Of Biometric Access Control

Biometrics are widely received positively from most modern-day enterprises looking for the latest security solution. Just as if getting a CCTV system in Singapore remains an integral task, biometrics serves as a modern-approach with robust features and tight security validation. As biometrics continues to be a widely adopted security system, many businesses, large or small can experience the benefits of:

  • Leverage for touchless and contactless access, increasing the transformation for agile working.
  • Increased frictionless and smarter building management and control
  • The technology of biometrics continues to evolve and improve for the better
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Unique a non-transferrable for higher security, validity and assurance
  • Spoof-proof

Why Choosing The Best Door Access System Is Important?

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Choosing the best office door access system in Singapore has never been a more necessary task than ever. A well-secured infrastructure is an indispensable part of a thriving organisation in the business world. As such in today’s advancing technology, businesses too should reserve their resources to invest in the latest security solution to overcome the latest threats, hazards and risks against organisational assets.

The most basic and often the first line of defence is the door. An ideal well-protected establishment and security system provides numerous detection and prevention counters before and upon entry access. If businesses could utilise smart access or invest in an office door access system in Singapore, they can already deter potential thieves and other criminal activities before they can enter the premises.

Choosing An Ideal Access System For Your Workplace

The whole idea is to choose what’s affordable in the current market, whether your enterprise can afford to invest in decent electronic access or a biometric door access system. Businesses shouldn’t empty their resources in high end office door access systems and the most top of the line CCTV system in Singapore.

Make sure that these systems, even if it’s not biometric, can be integrated and connected to any of your existing security devices. Check if there are working updates for patching and maintenance and before buying, make sure that you are going with the most trusted security brand. Choosing the best access system is all about reliability, features, security and the affordability that your organisation can pay for. It is what matters the most.

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