Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Side Tables for the Living Room  

Choosing side tables for your living room has its difficulties. While it isn’t an essential piece of furniture, it is an excellent item to have as it contributes to the overall aesthetic of the area. However, you might be confusing this furnishing with an end table. In short, the main difference between the two is that you place a side table at the side of the room or wall while the other one is next to a leather sofa in Singapore.

Therefore, you may be wondering if there are things you need to know regarding side tables for your living room. Read this article if you are interested to learn more about the details you need to check before purchasing from a furniture shop in Singapore. Here are seven aspects you should consider to get the best furnishing for your home.

Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Side Tables for the Living Room

Determine Its Purpose

Before you visit a furniture shop online in Singapore, you need to determine why you intend to purchase a side table. Is there a space in your living room that you want to fill up? Are you looking for a replacement? Maybe you want to show off your new lava lamp? Whatever the case may be, you should have a legitimate reason to spend your budget on a piece of furniture that is not essential to a living room, especially if you have other furnishings like coffee tables.

Measure the Size You Need



Side tables for the living room come in various sizes. Generally speaking, you want your side table to be no taller than the armrest of your leather sofa in Singapore. However, some homeowners prefer their furnishing to be slightly taller to ensure that it is still visible no matter where you are in the area. At the end of the day, which one you choose is up to your preference. If you are visiting a furniture shop, you should measure your sofa at home to act as a basis for which products you can consider purchasing.

Choose Its Shape

Like the previous point, there are various shapes to choose from if you are looking for side tables for your living room. The top reason you should know to make it easier to decide is where you plan to place the furniture. Are you placing it on a wall? If yes, a circular furnishing may not be your best choice. Are you considering the corner of your living room? Any shape that has two sides may fit your preferences. Triangle, square, and pentagon are some of your options that you can place in a corner.

Pick a Style

Next in this guide is picking which style you want your side table to be. Your safe bet is to follow the current theme of your living room. However, feel free to experiment with other styles. You can choose to go for a piece of contrasting furniture instead of something that complements the rest of your furnishings. Consider having a picture of the area if you plan on visiting a physical furniture shop in Singapore to help you decide should you need a reference.

Think About Its Material

If you are planning to add contrasting furnishings to your living room, your side table is an excellent choice you should consider. Your furniture shop in Singapore should be selling products of various materials, such as glass, wood, aluminium, etc.

Generally speaking, you are free to choose side tables for your living room as long as their style works with the rest of the room.

Consider Your Options


Who says that you should strictly limit your options to side tables for your living room? Remember that it is your home. You should feel free and comfortable experimenting with furnishings that aren’t technically side tables. For example, you can place an end table in the corner.

Some of your other options include the following:

  • Stool
  • Coffee table
  • Floating shelves
  • Folding chair
  • Side cabinet
  • Dresser

Remember that you are free to try various furnishings to act as side tables for your living room. Your creativity is the only limit.

Check Its Price

When all is said and done, your last and perhaps most important factor to consider is the price of side tables for your living room. Unlike the other points in this guide where you have plenty of options to choose from, your available budget is limited. No matter how much you like a piece of furniture, if you lack the funds to purchase it, you will have to force yourself to consider your other options. Fortunately, there are various side tables available. You can browse through the catalogue of a furniture shop online. There are always cheaper counterparts that don’t compromise quality.


Choosing side tables for your living room can be a difficult task to overcome. They come in various shapes and sizes that may feel overwhelming. However, the first thing you should remember before purchasing furniture is what purpose it serves. Is it meant to fill up space? Is it a replacement for something? Do you have a new piece of furnishing you want to brag to your guests? Whatever the case is, the product you purchase should fill a need and not a want.

Next, you should consider which style you want when picking side tables for your living room. While going for complementing designs is your safer option, you should consider adding contrast to the area. This furnishing is a perfect candidate to provide that different feel. However, the product you buy should work with the existing styles in the area. Cohesion, after all, is a necessary trait that your living room should have.

Lastly, you shouldn’t limit your options to side tables for your living room. Feel free to choose other furnishings, such as a stool, dresser, and shelves. It is your house. Therefore, you have the final say on what stays and leaves.

Aside from side tables for your living room, you may want to consider getting a new leather sofa in Singapore. Luckily, Bless Brothers is a furniture shop online that sells various furnishings. Visit their website to learn more.