Buying An Engagement Ring: What You Should Know And Avoid

Everyone has always dreamed of getting an engagement ring that screams their undying love for their partner. Along with either a simple or an extravagant proposal decoration from Singapore, we know how magical we dream it is to be a bride or groom.

The ring symbolises the union, and an engagement ring is often the awaited moment of a bride. It’s a sign she can wave to her family and friends that she’s finally getting married, more often than we post it with no caption, and everyone can already conclude what’s happening.

So choosing the right engagement ring can be challenging. Aside from knowing her finger size, the groom often struggles to find “the one”.

Here are tips that can help you in finding the best engagement ring.

Tips When Buying an Engagement Ring

Do a research

Before determining what you want, it is advisable to search for pegs or bases. Find some designs that you might like on the internet. You can always try doing window shopping, even through online platforms. Just make sure you won’t leave them open on your phones, or the plan will be busted.

By doing research and saving them, you already have an idea of what you will be looking for. It will make things much easier for you to decide instead of going around shops struggling and thinking about what she likes.

You may even ask a trusted proposal planner in Singapore for suggestions. It is also advisable to look at her jewellery to know what she likes. However, don’t be too obvious and stay observant.

Get her ring size measurement.

It is not advisable to ask her directly since she might end up having a clue about your plan. You can try sneaking one of her rings and putting it back immediately.

You can even ask one of her close friends to do it for you. Either way, you should make sure that the plan goes well.  Keep in mind that there can be up to a half-finger size discrepancy between the left and right hands that they can readily change after the ring has been supplied.

Know your budget

While it is a great idea to give her the fanciest ring, it is also important to set how much budget you have. You don’t need to spend a four-month salary to buy an engagement ring. All you need is to make sure that you can afford what you’ll choose.

The engagement ring is just the first step in getting married, which means you have much more things you need to consider.

Consider the proposal package in Singapore you’ll be availing to make sure you’re on the right track.

Diamond or not?

Engagement rings are not just about diamonds. If you’re considering one, you need to know what shape you want, or you may refer to her style. What cut do you like? There are tons to choose from, from the heart-shaped diamonds to the oval and round styles.

If diamonds are a no, you can also do gemstones. Some sapphires and rubies can also last you for a lifetime; you can even top them off with some gold to make them even more durable. Either way, any stone does not matter as long as you choose it for your loved one.

Follow your instinct

Tips can only help you in making decisions, but it is still based on your preferences on what you’d like to choose. Do not rush in determining “the one”; make it a memorable experience for you too!

You can also make a proposal set up in Singapore as early as possible to make sure everything is smooth. To make it more unique, use a balloon bouquet to make your proposal decoration from a trusted shop in Singapore perfect!


Mistakes To Avoid When Buying an Engagement Ring

Choosing what’s cheap

We recommend not breaking your bank account, but we also would like to remind you not to choose a ring that will eventually turn out rusty in the long run.

Your engagement ring may also come as an investment, so you have to be meticulous and articulate when buying one. It is advisable to ask around and read some reviews to make sure you’re buying from a trusted shop.

Rushing the buying process

Just like how your proposal planner in Singapore will ask you for your estimated date, you should also have a clear plan for purchasing the engagement ring.

If you are buying a customised one, you might need to wait for four weeks and more or maybe just a week if you’re buying directly. Do not rush your process and let yourself enjoy the moment.

Making a decision based on your friends

It’s a good idea to seek help since choosing from thousands of designs is a struggle. However, make a decision based on what you really want.

Give yourself some time to process and to make decisions since this is a leap of faith, and you’ll be giving it to the love of your life. Your better half will appreciate it even more if she knew how much effort you put into researching your engagement ring.

Not considering her style

You need to make sure that you incorporate her wants too. How does she like her diamond cuts? How does she like her gemstones? Does she like her stones, big or small? Does she like it fancy or simple? Know the answers and make sure to add her taste since it is her engagement ring, after all.

Even in styling your proposal decoration in Singapore, choosing the right balloon bouquet is important while including what she prefers. It’s essential to make her feel that you took your time in putting even the most minor details about her.

With the help of a proposal planner in Singapore, you’ll find both of your “the one” in one person.

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