Commercial Burglary | How To Protect Your Business From It

Have you ever seen a news report where masked thieves rob a store or a bank in broad daylight? How about criminals breaking into stores and warehouses in the dead of night? Commercial burglary is a common problem for businesses not only in Singapore but around the world.

There are security measures businesses implement in their establishments to prevent hoodlums from targeting their stores. These security measures include hiring security personnel and installing a CCTV system in Singapore.

Did you know that there are more stringent security actions businesses can do to fully deter dauntless crimes? Among them is the office door access system in Singapore. Learn more about commercial burglary and how to prevent it by reading this article.

Commercial Burglary

A commercial burglary happens when a person committing an illegal act enters or breaks into commercial establishments, such as shops, retail stores, warehouses, and even office buildings, to steal valuable items and even destroy properties.

Most people think burglary only happens at night, but there are times that it also occurs during the day. Some burglars, hiding their identities behind the masks, enter an operating commercial establishment and commit the crime. Usually, a group of people bearing firearms or wielding weapons perform this attack.

Commercial establishments take preventive actions by hiring security personnel and installing a CCTV system from Singapore around the premises.

On the other hand, office buildings install an office door access system in Singapore to ensure that only employees and building personnel can enter the property.

Reasons Why Criminals Target Commercial Establishments

●      There Are Valuable Items

One reason why commercial establishments are being targeted is that there are lots of new and used valuable items in the place which can be easily sold in the market. It is despite having security deterrents, such as a CCTV system and card access system in Singapore.

●      Valuable Items Are Displayed

Shops are often victimised by shoplifters because they have easy access to valuable items that are displayed. Similarly, burglars can easily smash glass cases of jewellery shops to steal precious gemstones and jewellery in broad daylight.

●      No People At Night

Residential burglars attack houses at night while the owners are asleep. On the other hand, commercial burglars break into commercial establishments while the environment is dark, there are no people or employees inside the store, and fewer security guards roaming around.

●      Inside Job

Employee theft and inside jobs are common in a commercial burglary. An inside job happens when the employee confederates with the criminal. The employee may purposely leave the establishment unsecured to make it easier for the criminals to break in or tip the criminals about the schedule and security information of the shop. The employee can also give their key or card for the access control system of the store in Singapore.

For those reasons, it is obvious that burglars can target any commercial establishment. After all, retail stores, warehouses, and office buildings have valuable items displayed and not, have limited operating hours, and are prone to inside jobs. But, in reality, certain factors make your store attractive. Continue reading this article to know what attracts burglars and how to prevent their attacks.


Commercial Burglary Prevention

How To Determine If Your Commercial Establishment Is At Risk Of Burglar Attacks

●      Crime Rate

You will know if your shop or warehouse is at risk by determining the crime rate of the establishment’s location. It is already a red flag if the area has a high crime rate, particularly robbery, burglary, theft, and property damage. If criminals have victimised the shops in the location, yours is likely to be next.

You should find a better location or install more stringent security measures, such as a CCTV system and card access system in Singapore.

●      High-Risk Items

Usually, criminals target shops that have high-value items, such as electronics and jewellery. Pawnshops, banks, and moneylending buildings are also high-risk because of the amount of cash available in the office.

At the same time, booming services, like restaurants and spas, can also be targeted.

●      Size

Generally, the bigger the establishment, the more attractive it is to burglars. Burglars are more likely to break into warehouses, department stores, and supermarkets than smaller retail shops simply because bigger businesses have more valuable items than smaller ones.

●      Security Measures

Before the attack, burglars normally survey the security measures of the establishment. They study the CCTV system installed in the shop in Singapore, possible entry and exit points, and other security alarms.

Establishments with weak security and a vulnerable access control system in Singapore are targets as well.

How To Increase The Security Measure Of Your Commercial Establishment


Hire Qualified Security Personnel

First and foremost, it is important to have qualified and trusted security personnel or teams who will manage the security of the establishment day and night.

You should make sure that these security people have a clean track record and knowledge of dealing with criminals and operating security systems. They mustn’t confederate with criminals and even employees.

Invest In Security Systems

Apart from hiring a competitive security team, having advanced electronic security measures like a CCTV system and office door access system in Singapore help deter potential attacks.

Secure Entry Points

Windows, front and back doors, basements, air vents, and even roofs could serve as entry points for burglars. You can increase the overall security by strengthening these possible entry points. Installing strong metal bars on potential entry windows, an ID card access system available in Singapore on back and front doors, and CCTV on basement and dark areas can deter criminals.

Secure The Perimeter

Besides the building, make sure the perimeters of the property from the parking light to the dump area are well lighted, monitored by CCTV cameras, and have fencing.

Have A Crisis Management Plan

In a security breach, security personnel and employees follow a crisis management plan, such as what to do during an armed robbery and when to contact authorities.

Ensuring the security of your commercial establishment is not only guaranteeing the safety of your items, but also your employees are customers. Don’t hesitate in investing in commercial security measures!

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