Different Finish Materials That Add Style to Your Wardrobe Surface

A wardrobe is a crucial element of a room décor including a living room, bedroom, hallway, or the kitchen. Its purpose is to offer ample storage inside as well as look stylish from the outside. It has to blend with the specific room’s overall theme.

The range of stylish finishes to look for in the market for your wardrobe designing is manifold. Which one to choose is hard? You will need to understand the variety of wardrobe materials you can incorporate across different rooms. Check the wardrobe design catalogue on livspace.com.

Solid wood

Nothing compares the warmth of natural wood. It blends with every kind of theme décor including modern or rustic. It is expensive but is durable and charming. Just add a polish coat and you get a fresh-looking wardrobe.


A veneer is an economical option to coat the wardrobe, so it is very popular. Moreover, it imitates the warmth of natural wood. A veneer is made from thin natural wood layers and is available in multiple designs, which helps to coordinate any kind of room style.

For example, a dark shade will suit an archetypal home, whereas light veneer is ideal for Scandinavian-style house. A veneer is easy to clean but is susceptible to scratches. It needs regular polishing.


Laminate is a commonly used type because your wardrobe gains a wood finish at an affordable price. You can buy a variety of finishes and colors. Matte and gloss are a good choice for every kind of theme décor. Laminate has good advantages of easy clean and scratch-resistant but is brittle. Whenever a part chips off, you will need to change the entire sheet.


Polyurethane paint or lacquer coating is a great way to give the wardrobe an appealing finish. You get to choose from a wide range of colors. It is easy to maintain and durable. Your wardrobe gets a glossy surface and interior designers choose lacquer finishes in European décor.


The mirror used on wardrobe doors helps to resolve two purposes. A concealed storage space for your stuff and can be used to dress up. The mirror wardrobe doors make a small space look brighter, big and even there will be no need for a dressing table.

Mirror wardrobe doors need to be handled with care. Cleaning has to be done weekly to keep away the dust and handprints on the mirror surface.


The contemporary theme is all about minimalism and glass will go well with it. The glass doors add a feel of lightness to the structure of the room. You can choose a range of glass including clear, frosted, stained, opaque and printed.

Choose the type as per your room style to complement the décor. The main drawback of the glass wardrobe door is if the clear variety is used you will need to keep the wardrobe interior or stage area neat or this can make the room look chaotic. Care is needed while using a glass wardrobe. Regular cleaning is also a must.

Instead of clear, plain glass, you can choose an opaque or colored option for your modern cupboard. You can choose colors that match the room palette. Glass will reflect light, which increases brightness within the room.


Iron almirahs are not new in the Indian homes. They hardly match modern home décor but can be ideal for an industrial-style space.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel material brings modern touch and minimalism to the kitchen cabinets. Its reflective surface needs a gentle cleaning and it improves the area’s spaciousness.