Don’t Fret About Cash This Festive Season

As the weather warms up, the days get longer and Christmas approaches it’s well and truly time to start thinking about gifts, hosting that big family Christmas dinner or planning a post-Christmas trip away with the family.

The summer holidays are a time to connect with family, get some much needed rest and relaxation while you enjoy the warmth and sunshine. But it’s also an expensive time of year. On top of all the normal bills, mortgage payments and groceries we all have out of the ordinary expenses associated with filling those Christmas stockings, hosting the family for Christmas dinner and getting away for a break, whether it’s to the beach or for a more substantial holiday interstate or overseas.

And then, unfortunately, when it’s all over there’s a new round of outgoings, with school fees, uniforms and other New Year expenses to take care of. All the while, the usual bills keep rolling in.

The Commonwealth Bank estimates that Australian’s spend over $11 billion on Christmas presents each year, around $600 each on average. Chances are that you’ve been sensible about your Christmas spending and started saving and putting away gifts and food some months ago and you’re probably in pretty good shape.

But what if you’ve had some unexpected costs – car repairs, medical expenses, house maintenance and the like – and your finances aren’t quite where you hoped they would be?

The fact is sometimes things don’t go as we would expect and the best laid savings plans can go awry. This can be a real downer for festive season plans, when we’re all looking to spend quality time with family and friends and share in the gift giving generosity.

If you’ve recently experienced an unexpected event which has seen you have to dip into your savings, perhaps you’re thinking about how you can make things work?

One option that might be worth considering is a short term, low amount cash loan that can be made available quickly, with minimal application fuss, just in time to get you through the holiday season. If your looking for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to tide you through, and your confident you’ll be able to service the debt once Christmas is through, this can be a quick, easy and effective way to bridge the financial gap and keep the family Christmas tradition alive and well.

Of course, like any finance, you need to look at your circumstances and talk to the lender to make sure you are eligible and you’re not going to make your financial situation any worse. However, for most people, short term finance is an ideal way to address any immediate cash shortfall.

Summer in Australia is fabulous and the festive season is about sharing with loved ones and getting that much needed break. If you’re not sure you’re going to be able to afford the Christmas your family deserves, then think about a short term loan to help you through.