Formation of Businesses

Formation of Businesses in the Meydan Free Zone (MFZ)

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, a strategic position, a positive economic outlook, and good connectivity, Meydan Free Zone has developed into one of the most sought-after financial centres in Dubai and the UAE for company establishment. Meydan Free Zone provides firms seeking to establish a business presence in one of Dubai’s economically vibrant free zones with international trade status, as well as development and expansion options.

The Advantages of Establishing a Business in the Meydan Free Zone

The free trade zone is ideal, close to major commercial sites. Due to its central location in Dubai, your firm will be minutes from the city’s main hubs, as well as significant financial and retail centres.

Simple startup: For businesses and corporations looking to expand or establish, the free zone offers several incentives for business setup, including no currency restrictions, 100 percent capital repatriation, a 50-year tax holiday (on income taxes), and the ability to operate under Free Zone Limited Liability (FZ LLC) and Free Zone Enterprise (FZE) licences while retaining total business ownership, even for sole shareholders and ex-pats.

Integrated community: Meydan Free Zone provides a variety of world-class amenities that enable productive pursuits, independent living, and social activities while simultaneously fostering business development and a healthy lifestyle. With an MFZ business setup, you’ll get unmatched perks, including a fully-equipped business centre and beautiful hotel rooms.

If you want to operate inside the free zone’s proximity, FAR Consulting Middle East’s company setup professionals can assist you throughout the creation procedure. Our professionals have given comprehensive advice and assistance on the company and corporate registration and formation for decades. With our service, all visa, banking, and licencing requirements are met in compliance with UAE law.

The commercial licence permits the holder to import, export, distribute, and trade products. Take note that Meydan Free Zone does not currently provide warehouse space.

As the organization offers complete business setup services in  Meydan Free Zone, you may anticipate aid in establishing a corporate entity or legal structure. The business has expertise in establishing representative offices or trading branches for domestic and multinational corporations, which can offer equivalent services to their parent firms.

A minimum of one shareholder is necessary for FZEs, and the company’s directors bear 100% or complete responsibility. Additionally, we assist with the formation and configuration of an FZ LLC, in which the company’s stockholders are not individually accountable for the business’s obligations.

It pays to listen to our specialists’ advice on business establishment since the legal structure affects the types of commercial operations or services that may be performed. Additionally, different company entities have unique tax and expense effects.

Additionally, the firm’s company setup staff assists with the following:

Processing of work permits;

Obtaining and renewing visas (for directors, workers, and dependents);

Developing, reviewing, and compiling the necessary business setup documents;

Administration of submissions, notarizations, legalizations, and translations;

Coordination with free zone authorities (to get permissions and submit registration forms);

Assistance with the establishment of a business bank account

When it comes to company establishment in Meydan Free Zone, you need the knowledge and competence of our certified staff. Our expertise will not only assist you in establishing a hassle-free company but will also give necessary guidance on how to succeed in Dubai and the free zone’s competitive marketplaces. Contact us to discuss  Meydan Free Zone company establishment in further detail with our team of business setup professionals!