Moving Out Soon? Try Living in the New SG Eco Town!


Are you planning to acquire a Tengah HDB unit in its new ecological town in Singapore soon? Well, it can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make regarding your upcoming relocation any day now. It may only be challenging at first since you’re clueless about what you should expect from this popular eco-friendly community today.


It’s a good thing you have your immediate kin with you that may know something about the new Tengah town. Share with them your relocating plans if you want to get some advice on how you should work on your transfer anytime soon. You may never know; they might have already secured their units with the said green estate.

Never forget about your peers that you might have heard speaking about the upcoming eco town in Singapore. You can ask them your questions or seek recommendations on what you should do as soon as you arrive at your home unit. Either way, always consider seeking their assistance since they might have inputs about your relocation desires.

It will also help if you look for web resources to tell you more about this new eco town. These usually include blog pages, review sites, and virtual community forums that feature firsthand accounts from their forthcoming residents. Read through their testimonials to learn more about what to expect from your newly purchased home soon.

Nonetheless, focus on the changes awaiting you upon deciding to acquire one of these eco residential homes. You can start with the things you get to save as soon as you make the shift. Are you still clueless about these surprising savings awaiting you? Better continue reading through to know more of them today.


Surprising Things You Save with Your Eco-Friendlier Living

It may surprise you at first, but you save numerous things if you become a resident of this latest eco town in Singapore. You may already be familiar with some of them, but a refresher would help with your upcoming decision making. Here are some of those that you get to secure with your recent relocation surprisingly:


Immediate Household

Begin with the instant recipients of the comfort you’re about to experience as soon as you move into one of these eco homes soon: your immediate household members. These may include your direct family, close relatives, and next of kin that you’re currently living with today. You can even invite more of your relatives if you also want them to experience your unique living option.

Secure them against the harmful effects of living in polluted areas in the region that will only endanger their welfare in the long run. Protect them from ailments you can never avoid if you’re living in an uninhabitable environment. So, better get your Tengah HDB unit at this new town in Singapore now.

Nearby Neighbours

Apart from your immediate family members, you also get to save your nearby neighbours in your new eco property soon. But how is that even possible if you’re only about to meet them on the day you move into your newly acquired unit? Well, the mere fact that you chose to change your living lifestyle has already left a significant impact on your soon-to-be next-door acquaintances.

They no longer need to worry about their welfare since you can assure them of your more sustainable lifestyle with different eco-friendlier solutions available in this eco town in Singapore. You only need to ensure that you’re using them efficiently to benefit everyone living with you in the estate. Besides, why miss your opportunity to contribute for the good of others?

Hard-Earned Funds

Another surprising thing you get to save upon relocating to the new Tengah town is your hard-earned funds. It may sound unusual at first since you need to spend some on acquiring your latest investment. But expect to enjoy these savings as soon as you start living in your environmentally friendly home unit.

These include the amount you save to pay your low utility bills in Singapore due to the centralised district cooling system in your newest residence. They also use sustainable indoor and outdoor technologies with the community for your added savings. That’s a great deal since you’re also contributing to the environment while cutting back on your usual expenses.

Entire Environment

It shouldn’t surprise you anymore but leave a remarkable impact on saving the environment once you choose to live in any of these sustainable residential homes soon. These include all living things living within your newly found community. You can even contribute to neighbouring estates through the positive effects on the nature of your ecological option.

That’s why you must not have second thoughts about making the shift if it’s for the benefit of everything around you today. Never forget about the future generations also expecting to see the beauty of nature you’re currently within. Besides, how hard is it to try and live in one of these popular eco residential homes today?

Your Wellbeing

More than anything else, secure your wellbeing if you decide to relocate to this new eco town the soonest. You no longer need to worry about your welfare since you’ll have a healthier lifestyle after your greener shift. Create an opportunity for yourself to live longer now that you’re living better than before.

It also protects you from overthinking about your costly Singapore utility bills since their district cooling system is more than enough to ensure you with more fund savings. You may even be surprised to pay less than what you initially expected to spend, which can already get you another eco-friendly unit from them. Nevertheless, never miss your chance to guarantee your overall satisfaction once you decide to live in this unique environment soon.


Exciting Features Awaiting You at the Eco Town in SG

But is your knowledge about this latest eco town in Singapore enough for you to relocate as soon as possible? Well, your research may help if you’re also clueless about what you should expect from your latest investment any day now. But you can also continue reading through to learn more about the different exciting features awaiting you in your newly found sustainable community.

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Vast Greeneries

Begin with the vast greeneries you must anticipate the moment you step inside this rising eco town development. These include towering trees surrounding the entire estate that you can see right outside your unit effortlessly. You may even be surprised to find some near your premises essential for your daily dose of fresh air.

Tengah and HDB developers of this new town in Singapore also added a forest corridor anyone can use soon. You can either trek, run, and walk along its natural walkway while you’re inside the green community. You can even use it to visit other neighbouring estates since they’ll connect it with other indoor forests in the region.

Exceptional Offer to Watch Out Soon! Apart from these green walkways, also expect to see community farms within Tengah town perfect for your indoor gardening activities. They also allow you to harvest your crops for personal or commercial use. Either way, always take advantage of such natural features to only make the most out of your acquired unit.

Sustainable Facilities

They also extend their sustainability with their ready-to-use facilities and amenities. You can start with those found inside their eco residential homes that guarantee your comfortable stay with them. One of these is their unique waste management system that allows you to dispose of your garbage using advanced disposal systems more hygienically and more efficiently.

Their partnerships with other smart technology developers in the region also ensure your worthwhile stay inside your newest home. These include advancements like a centralised cooling system in the district that keeps you cool without burning a hole in your pockets. You also get to save the environment with these ecological air-conditioning options.

Exceptional Offer to Watch Out Soon! Most of their community facilities also use sustainable technologies to ensure your cost-saving and environmental-friendly stay within this eco town in Singapore. You can find these developments in their elevator units, lighting fixtures, public irrigation systems, and electric vehicle charging points scattered around the estate.

Advanced Roadways

Another exciting feature to look forward to in your new eco town is their state-of-the-art roadways to ensure your convenience while travelling within the community. Start with their underground thoroughfares that may surprise you if possible with the traffic situation today. Apart from avoiding traffic jams, you can now walk freely without worrying about your road safety.

They also use these extra spaces above the underground roads to plant more trees, put up additional vegetation, and construct other walkways you can use while you’re out of your eco residential homes. You can even use your bicycle to roam around the estate through these pedestrian-friendly pavements worry-free!

Exceptional Offer to Watch Out Soon! Tengah town also assures your comfortability by connecting all these paths strategically. Expect to visit various locations within your community by using these elevated walkways effortlessly. You may never know; you might get to travel across borders through these advanced developments.

Ease of Access

Their accessibility to almost all other local communities will make you want to own a Tengah HDB unit from this new town in Singapore soon. Other than their interconnected road systems, you can also enjoy the benefit of having multiple bus stops and train stations within the estate that bring you to other local destinations comfortably.

These include shopping malls, recreational hubs, and entertainment centres that you can visit via bus or MRT. You may even be surprised to learn that their residential homes are several minutes away from several tourist attractions found in the region. Besides, who wouldn’t want time off from their errands to schedule a quick tour in museums or public parks?

Exceptional Offer to Watch Out Soon! Moreover, expect your reachability to your other relatives and peers living nearby since this eco town in Singapore will have its dedicated MRT stations soon! They no longer need to take multiple commutes or make several stops to visit you in the future. You can also drop by other parts of the estate through these upcoming developments.

Smart Accommodation Units

Lastly, appreciate the fun of living inside your new eco homes once you grasp their smart indoor technologies. These include top-of-the-line eco-friendly systems like centralised air-conditioning units that will guarantee you overall convenience. You may even be surprised to learn that they use solar panels to power up your residence.

They also maintain good connections between their residents through display boards installed around eco residential homes within the estate. These usually publish announcements and updates on the current energy consumption of your community. Use these details to determine whether you should change your living lifestyle or not.

Exceptional Offer to Watch Out Soon! As mentioned, Tengah town partners with various renowned providers in the industry to ensure your comfortable living situation in their sustainable housing units. It involves your freedom to control your smart indoor systems using your mobile device. That’s an added comfort on your nearing relocation.



Final Things to Do Before Moving into Your New Home

Are you now ready to secure your Tengah HDB unit in its new town in Singapore today? Well, you can process your reservation anytime you want to if you already have these abovementioned details on hand. You can even make your relocation more worthwhile if you also do the following things before moving into your new home soon:



  • Always begin with the most usual thing movers do every time they move into their new residential homes: pack your things. These involve all belongings you want to bring with you during your relocation. Ensure that all items you’ll pack are essential for your newly acquired unit.
  • Never forget to settle your past dues before confirming any contract with this rising eco town in Singapore. It would be great to complete them beforehand to avoid any penalties in the future. Besides, you may never want to mix up your old bills with your latest ones and pay more than what you initially expected.
  • Lastly, always choose to schedule a visit to the new Tengah town days before you agree with any of their terms regarding your upcoming relocation. Best to set an appointment with one of their reputable partners – SP Home – to ensure your safe and flawless transfer soon.

Check their website now to learn more about how you can book an ocular visit today!