Speaking tips for Task 3 and 4 for B1 English level

Task 3 

You will have a role play with your interlocutor. You will turn by turn card. Which means you will get a situation where you have to do something according to the situation. You will say something. After that, the examiner will like that it goes on.

Tips and Ideas for Task 3

  • You need to say in one sentence, or you can make it a little lengthy also. If you make lengthy, then there is a lot of chance that you will be selected.
  • Read everything that is written on the card. Read carefully so that you may not miss any important things.
  • You can speak the same word, but you have to make expressions according to the situation.
  • When you are done speaking, keep the card down. That means you are saying it is over now.
  • Learn some mannerism language. Like excuse me or could you please. You will have a nice impression on the examiner. Not only the examiner everywhere you can use.

Task 4

It is known as the discussion task. You will get 3 minutes for discussion. You and your test partner will discuss the topic. You have to explain each point in detail. So that the examiner should understand what is really happening in your topic, try the language of arguing only if you choose the topic which has a lot of arguments.

Tips and Ideas for Task 4

  • The first discussion will be a small session of brainstorming. You have to support your point of view. You have to give different reasons to win the topic. Do not just listen to the other person’s Hough say something important that the examiner will say that you are correct.
  • Try to focus on the argument what your partner is trying to say. Ask a lot of questions. Why is it so like that. Give opinions invent new ideas. It will be like a game you will never get bored. Do not be lazy, saying normal things. Make the argument attractive so that examiner will be interested in.
  • You can express things on your point of view. The task will be completed by turn by turn. Do not waste your turn by saying no or yes. Do not shout talk politely in a decent manner.
  • Expand your vocabulary as much as possible. Give different kinds of expression according to your words and the environment. Make different phrases in your mind so that you will use at the time of the argument. Practice before the exam with anyone you know. Share your thoughts on a particular topic discuss it. Express words like it will end the discussion only, and you get the score more.
  • If your partner is silent, say words like what do you say. The partner has to say no by this the time will be gone fast. You have only several minutes to impress the examiner, so make a good shot.

This was some tips you can use on the time of the test. If you have did not book the test book it now. B1 test booking can be made on various sites. You can select a particular date at which you want to give the test.