Staying Connected: Why Investing in Video Conferencing Equipment Help?

The world will soon be having a generation of Zoomers. By Zoomers, it means that a generation has lived by doing most of their conversations online. Though it was not their fault, they suffered the consequences of not having an opportunity to work in an environment where meetings were more than just getting work done.

You might be one of the companies that established a temporary work-from-home arrangement in this trying time. Everyone had said it was the right decision, but you know that it would not be forever. By now, you should be thinking about new investments, especially if you have a team in other parts of the country or the world. When the time comes when the economy gets back up, you will know that investing in video conferencing equipment in Singapore will not lead to regret.

In the business world, preparation is the key to success. If you do not want your employees to develop and merge into the generation of Zoomers, you should start thinking about investing in the many types of equipment for video conferencing. Let this article serve as your guide to lead to that decision by emphasising the importance of staying connected today.


Challenges of Staying Connected Today

Today, the world faces many challenges. Since the Coronavirus spread in many countries in the world, including Singapore, the main source of daily human interaction in the workplace has been cut.

The smiling faces that you see every morning are all in the safety of their homes, working hour after hour just like you. It created different effects on people, but the hardest part is staying connected with the people you love working with.

Without access to any video conferencing equipment, like Huawei IdeaHub, you have to deal with work matters with online software that is not as smooth as a tool made for online meetings. So, what happens?


Fluctuations in productivity

Not every employee has a conducive working environment at home where there is a table and a chair for them to do their work. Most of them live in cramped apartments with other people, most of the time strangers. Therefore, the quality and quantity of the work they produce are not as top-notch as they did when office work was still allowed.

The solution? Have lunch meetings. Feeling alone doing work can be damaging because people are isolated. However, lunch meetings are effective in feeding the basic human need of belonging. It will help in letting your employees know that they are not alone!

Losing creativeness

Experiencing nature is one of the most effective ways to increase creativity. Your employees in isolation cannot gain creativity by being caged in walls. At least once a week or twice a month, let them be part of the essential team working in the office. Save a seat for them in the meeting room for them to experience the video conferencing equipment in your Singapore office branch.

Their travel from their home to the office will allow them to experience the outdoors once in a while. It would aid in gaining their confidence and creativity, making them work efficiently even at home!

Issues in finances

Budget meetings with your accounting team are essential in keeping track of your company’s finances. Without the monthly meeting you hold with all the heads of your different office branches in your conference room, it could cause issues in the future of your business. You might be spending over the budget or underspending your investments in the project with a data centre construction company.

Either way, staying connected with your other managers is crucial. If there is a meeting every month, ensure that your office is clean where essential employees can go to be part of it. Not only would it promise effective communication because it is face-to-face, but you can also erase your worries about overbudgeting.

Not every meeting is productive, but why is it still important that every meeting achieves its goal?

The Importance of Conducting Effective Meetings

Some business decisions need more discussion and insight among the rest of the team. There is only one way to gather them together and finalise what must be done. Of course, conducting meetings is the way to go.

Before there was the Huawei IdeaHub or other hardware that allows teams and executives to start a discussion on work matters online, meetings were set at office conference rooms. It is a room that usually has a long table and set of chairs; a conducive environment where employees gather. Though it may sound simple to schedule a meeting, a gathering like this must always be productive and effective. But, why is that important?


Increased collaboration

No businessman can run a company alone. They need other capable individuals who have relevant knowledge, skills, and perspectives to solve problems. When they get to share their ideas, you are boosting the confidence of each employee involved in the meeting. You get to show them that their ideas and creative solutions are of value.

When an employee feels valued, they will not feel shy to share their input with the group. As a result, you have plenty of solutions in front of you! With meetings like this, Not only would you achieve the objectives of a meeting, you get to increase the collaboration among employees.

Get on the same page

Have you been having a hard time expressing your vote for hiring a better data centre construction company on the email exchanges? While there is no doubt that upgrading your company’s data centre is an asset worth investing in, some executives may have reservations about the idea. Well, in a situation like this, an effective meeting would lead to its issue resolution.

Indeed, some meetings are better off discussed in an email, but these types of issues require face-to-face decision making. A project with a lot of variables involved can be better communicated in a meeting. Though it may take more than one, team meetings will get people on the same page as any email exchange will ever do.

Build stronger relationships

The length of every relationship does not constitute a good and deep relationship. Even though you have been with your co-director or co-founder for more than 10 years, there is still much to learn about each other.

It would not be a walk in the park to achieve that strong team dynamic. Hence, meetings are vitally important. Here, you will get the opportunity to work on a good professional relationship that brings out the best in each other. Even if it is only a decision whether to get video conferencing equipment in Singapore or not, a meeting with the people you care about will enable a deeper connection.

Overall, a meeting would not feel like a meeting when everyone in the room has a strong bond. When there is a free and open flow of ideas, you can see and hear your employees’ thoughts. You will recognise that they have strengths and weaknesses, and you get to know them better and establish a deeper bond with your team!

However, no one said it would be easy.

Reasons to Invest in Video Conferencing Equipment

When it comes to engaging remote workers or collaborating with departments in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, it is never easy. Fortunately, technology gave businesses solutions to every problem. If you want to stay connected with your employees, video conferencing equipment, such as Huawei IdeaHub, is technology’s answer to your problem.

Alternative to face-to-face communication

If the world experienced the pandemic a little earlier, employers would have been more disconnected from their employees because of audio conferencing. This type of communication is not the best solution than video conferencing because participants tend to zone out.

In video conferencing, you get to see the faces of your participants as well as their body language, which tells as much as verbal communication. Investing in this would ensure not only safety but also increased levels of engagement!

Improves attendance

Some employees are hesitant to go outside because of the health risks. Even when you tell them you have equipped the office with what they need in the meeting, they stay at home. Their attendance at the meeting is not assured due to lack of equipment. While it should not be an excuse, you cannot blame them for having other priorities than investing in devices for work.

When you have video conferencing equipment in your Singapore office, it would be hard for them to say no. To truly ensure that your essential employees would be present, pair that equipment with a shuttle service! In the end, you win by keeping them safe and having the needed meeting with 100% attendance.

Hassle-free presentation

Have you always had a meeting that is delayed because of equipment problems? The audio is not working, or the TV screen is not connecting to the laptop are the common issues that presenters encounter. Not only is it frustrating, but it also wastes precious time when it should be spent productively.

Did you know that there is a solution to that? If not, you must look into Huawei IdeaHub. It is all-in-one hardware that can streamline conferences. Equipped with video conferencing technology that allows wireless projection, interactive whiteboards, among others, you might even finish meetings early!

Encourage good meeting habits

To have effective meetings, you do not only need quality technology, but you also need to develop good meeting habits. It includes starting on time, having a clear objective, engaging proposals, adequate break time sessions, among many others.

You can cultivate this culture by adding video conferencing equipment from a data centre construction company. With this, you can strengthen the communication among the people in the meeting. You will be allowing them to create a good impression in front of their colleagues.

Be future-ready

No one knows the expiration date of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many crises can still happen in the future that could disrupt office work again. As mentioned, when you are in the business, success is only assured when you prepare. Well, your investments now can ensure you of a future, especially if it is video conferencing equipment.

It would take one Huawei IdeaHub to make your business future-proof. Trust that you can perform long-distance PowerPoint presentations, virtual parties, and seamless distribution of information with this investment!

Tips For Setting Meetings Online

If you want to avoid being the most hated team member for setting a meeting that could have gone better in an email, you should follow these tips to conduct more productive online meetings:

Make the purpose clear

Nothing could make a meeting worse than attending one that does not have a clear agenda. Starting from the invite, describe the purpose of the meeting and prepare a formal agenda with the key issues to be addressed. Remember to avoid being vague or confusing on crucial details.

Appoint an assistant

If you do not know how to set up the features of your Huawei IdeaHub, reach out to someone who can. With their help, the meeting will start on time and end on time!

Send the invites early

You would not want anyone opening their cameras while they are still in pyjamas because they forgot about the day of the meeting. As much as possible, send the invites with the link at least a week before the meeting itself.

Investing in the Huawei IdeaHub of Acme Associates

If there are life-changing devices that people do not regret buying, there are office-changing devices as well. One of those is the Huawei IdeaHub. When it comes to future-proofing your work environment, this is the addition that will give you your money’s worth. It is the all-in-one smart device that can increase the productivity and efficiency of meetings!

The people of Acme Associates will tell you all about how you can integrate its features into your office meetings. Undoubtedly, you and your employees will enjoy its 4K touchscreen and 4K camera image that can perform for 30,000 hours!

In this trying time, you should never stop striving to improve your business. To start investing in your future, contact Acme Associates on their website to get a Huawei IdeaHub today!