The Dos and Don’ts of Singapore PR Application

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in a country where you can have a stable job? A great house to live? A place where you can let your child grow and learn new things without worrying so much about their safety? Those are just some of the things that an ex-pat mostly thinks. Would their life become better if they stay and live here in Singapore? Often than not, those are the reasons why they apply for PR (permanent residency) in Singapore. Surely, it is indeed true that Singapore is one of the most livable places in Southeast Asia. Perhaps, in the world, too! So, who would have a second thought of living here? You see, even those who have not stepped foot in Singapore, want to stay and live here, even for a short while. That is why it does make sense why those ex-pat and EP holders prefer staying here for good. 

Well, of course, like anything else new, the first thing you will encounter is your lack of knowledge. Since you never tried becoming a permanent resident of another country, you probably do know what to do and avoid. So, to give you a hand and help you get started, this article will discuss the dos and don’ts. That way, you could process your Singapore PR application without a problem. 


  • Obtain DP or EP First

You have to since the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoint Authority) consider your period of residency into account. This pass would help you go through your application without any problem. However, if you have not obtained one yet, make sure to apply for either a DP or EP first. 

  • Get a stable job

After obtaining either one of those passes, it would be a good idea to get stable employment. You see, your capability could help you strengthen your application since you have something that could help the economy progress even further. So, while you are at it, make sure to look for a job. It would be better if that company where you would be working for is something well-known.

  • Translate all documents into English

Besides learning the language, you also need to have an English version of your documents. That way, the ICA would be able to process your Singapore PR application. Much better if you translate all of those into UK English since that is what the Singapore government uses.

  • Prepare all requirements 

Aside from filling up the form of your application, you also need to compile your documents. Be sure all of those are updated and have your recent affairs on it.  Furthermore, you should also make a hard and soft copy of your documents. That would help the ICA a lot more. 

  • Get accustomed to the online PR scheme

You have to so you would be able to see the progress of your request, and you would be able to submit anything they ask you to attach. So, while you are at the ICA, ask their employee to teach you how to navigate the system.


  • Argue with the ICA employee

Otherwise, you would affect your chances of getting an approval. You see, ICA takes into account what your behaviour is. That way, you interact with them could have an impact on what the result of your Singapore PR application would be. That is why you have to keep an eye on yourself and be mindful of your actions and words. 

  • Lose hope

Becoming a permanent resident of your chosen country is indeed life-changing. However, the process is not easy. The truth is, the turnaround time takes longer, and you would need to do all sorts of things before submitting your application. That is why you should patiently wait until you receive approval.

On the other hand, if you are having trouble and you think you need help, then look for a PR application agency that can help you in Singapore. That way, you would not have to wait longer than it should be. 

  • Lie to get the public benefits

Even though it might sound so apparent, it is worth mentioning. You see, others lie about their information so they could push through their Singapore PR application. However, little did they know that ICA runs a background check. It could determine whether they are telling the truth or not. If the ICA found out the latter, then that person should be ready to face the unfavourable consequences.  So, make sure to tell nothing but the truth on whatever questions they would ask.

  • Become a part of subversive activities

Another thing you should not do is this. You see, even though it is not exactly a crime, it could affect your application. Your views and opinions can change how other people would see you. When that happens, their actions and behaviour towards you will change, too. So, again, be mindful of what you do and say. 

See,applying for PR in Singapore is not all that hard. All you need to do is remember these dos and don’ts. That way, you would not commit any mistakes. 

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