Three Important Areas in Your Home That Need Waterproofing

Water can be one of the most destructive things to your home if you’re not careful enough. It can cause such annoyances as flooding your houses and floors, destroying your furniture and other property, and even causing damage to the structure of your house itself. Water leaks are something that has to be nipped in the bud, or else they’ll evolve into more than just an inconvenience and turn into something more dangerous.

Identifying water damages

It may be tempting to think of water damages as just a nuisance to deal with from time to time, there are certain consequences to not waterproofing your home correctly. Think of waterproofing services as a sort of insurance against future safety threats due to water damage, such as weakening of home structures, rotting, and property damage. Waterproofing also has other benefits to offer aside from protecting your house from water damage, such as improving the value and environment of your home.

What are the areas of your home that you need to waterproof?


Building a new home or renovating one? The time before you move into your new home or space is the perfect time to waterproof the space.  Ask a waterproofing specialist in Singapore what your options are when it comes to preventing water leaks in certain parts of your house. Below are a few spaces that will need waterproofing and the ways in which you can perform the task.



Basements and underground spaces can get moist and humid very quickly since they are dark and enclosed spaces. If you neglect the problem, your basement can turn into a prime space for mould and pests to grow and hide in. Water can also leak into the basement from above due to leaky pipes, groundwater, and much more.

If your basement experiences flooding and water leaks, you may want to invest in a water drainage system that will lead water away from your basement. As an added cautionary measure, you should also try basement water sealants, which will need to be reapplied ever so often.



Your roof is your first measure of defence against storms, bad weather, and all sorts of elements. What happens if your first defence is weak? Water will easily be able to enter the interior of your homes. For first-time homeowners, keep on guard against badly installed roofing and only choose roofing materials suitable for the climate and weather conditions your home will experience.

Sometimes, your old roof isn’t enough to help keep water out of your home. You may need to look into bituminous waterproofing membranes and other similarly waterproof materials to adequately waterproof your home. Flat roof waterproofing also requires the use of additional drainage solutions and systems to complete the job.

Exterior walls


Much like the roof, the exterior walls of your home will also serve as a primary defence against rain and other external water sources. Exterior homes are naturally built to be more durable than interior ones for obvious reasons, but if you don’t waterproof them correctly you might find yourself needing to contact a wall leakage repair specialist.

You need materials that act as a natural buffer against water as the first layer of protection on exterior walls. These materials are called sidings. Popular choices include wood and vinyl and are either naturally water-resistant or coated in a material that is.



As a place that naturally gets wet, moist, or humid, bathrooms are frequently exposed to the threat of water leakage or damage. Bathrooms that are not adequately waterproofed can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other things such as mould or fungi. Water leaks and flooding can also extend to other spaces of your house if you let the problem get worse. Bathrooms should be the most heavily waterproofed rooms in your house.

To prevent moisture and water buildup, you first need to make sure that your plumbing is in working order, then check the types of materials you will use for your bathroom. Tiles are a great flooring and wall option, and you should take care to use waterproof grout for the surface of your tiles. Ceilings and surrounding areas must also use waterproof paints.

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