Tips In Maintaining Your CCTV Camera in Singapore

A quality CCTV surveillance system in Singapore will give you a sense of security while also allowing you to monitor the properties of your house or commercial establishment. Regular maintenance of your CCTV security camera systems in Singapore is required to maintain a clean picture, a continuous transmission, and proper coverage of all critical locations.

If you don’t keep up with the demands on your CCTV system, it may fail early, making your property unprotected and leaving you with heavy repair expenditures on your hands.

To have a CCTV camera in Singapore has numerous advantages to any owned property. The mere presence of closed-circuit television cameras strategically placed around a business can be enough to dissuade intruders, thieves or robbers. In addition to deterring criminal activity, their very visibility will make individuals feel safer throughout their regular activities.

Since it will help you keep track of what’s happening, you must ensure that your CCTV surveillance is well maintained. You must invest in what you buy so you can use it long term.

Why You Should Maintain A CCTV

All kinds of establishments are vulnerable to the threat of a thief, and a CCTV camera in Singapore is a crucial safety that you shouldn’t neglect. However, a CCTV is only as effective as the maintenance and repairs that it receives.

Although most CCTV cameras are of excellent quality, they are nonetheless susceptible to malfunctions from time to time, which can undermine the overall efficacy of the network. Maintenance is capable of identifying and repairing any technical issues that arise in a reasonable timeframe.

Moreover, suppose you file an insurance claim to a CCTV surveillance company, and they discover that you have not followed up with the demands of your CCTV system. In that case, insurers may be less interested in interviewing you for your damage. It means as an owner, and if you want to make the most out of your CCTV surveillance in Singapore, you should also be responsible for keeping it functioning.

You can do a brief inspection every once a month to check. Maintaining the cleanliness of the camera lenses will help avoid the accumulation of filth that could damage the function of the equipment. As an additional precaution, experts recommend that certified specialists complete a review at least once a year to perform more work.


How To Maintain Your CCTV

As far as the condition of your safety system is concerned, there are several easy tests and repair jobs at home without expert gear to maintain your system working properly.

Check your camera lenses.

It would be best if you made it a habit to clean your CCTV camera in Singapore. These lenses must be wiped regularly with a particular solution and a cleaning cloth to avoid contamination that could impair the device’s performance. Avoid using a DIY solution or any dirty material that happens to be sitting around because it can damage the lens.

It’s a good investment to pay a little extra for the specialised treatment and cleaning cloth. Furthermore, check to see sure none of it is blocking the lens’s visual field and make any required adjustments. It is also advisable to remove any blemishes from the camera lens as soon as possible because build-up will result in a vision hindrance in the future.

Secure the body of the CCTV

Examine the security cameras’ housings and look for evidence of humidity, filth, and moisture. If you find any of these things, replace the camera casings immediately. Alternatively, you can look for moisture droplets. It may be necessary to apply weatherproof silicone in the camera’s case in certain circumstances.

You also need to ensure the CCTV screws are tight and in place. Check for any cracks or water damaged walls in areas where you installed them.

Inspect wiring

Examine your CCTV surveillance in Singapore visually for evidence of degradation or breakage to all core parts, including connections and cabling, before repairing or replacing them. Look for any visible or peeling wiring, as well as normal wear and tear.

Test the visual quality by ensuring that you receive a precise relay of the images and you’re not experiencing any interference in the sound transmission. To ensure that everything is receiving power, double-check all of the wire ports, including the ones connecting the screen, DVR (or NVR), and surveillance cameras.

Remove any items in front of your CCTV.

Everything that comes in front of your CCTV surveillance system in Singapore will be an issue. Additionally, if other objects are obstructing your system, dust and filth are much more likely to accumulate in front of it.

Examine all of your exterior camera views to ensure that they offer a good clear view of the scene. Pruning shrubs, plants, bushes, and other plants in the vicinity of surveillance cameras will help to prevent the camera from becoming obstructed.

Test all equipment

Inspect and verify that all components of the CCTV control equipment, such as the screens, controls, VCRs, DVRs and Multiplexers, are in proper working order before proceeding. Also, check that there are no broken wires connected to the decaying control equipment or any loose connection points before using them.

Check to see that the displays are displaying a clean image and that the settings are correctly set. Moreover, double-check that all of your controls and various pieces of equipment are in proper operating condition.

Use a microfiber cloth and the proper mild stain remover to wipe all monitors and equipment of dirt and stains thoroughly. Look for damaged or frayed cables running out of the device, as well as loose or corroded connectors. Lastly, examine the time and date stamps to ensure that they are correctly set.

You should thoroughly clean all of the computer monitors, circuit boards, and keyboards. Making sure your CCTV is maintained properly can benefit you in the long run.

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