Velvet Curtains

Treat Your Place with Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtain is made of thin fibers like cotton, silk, synthetic fibers rayon, or polyester and they’re used to make velvet. Different sorts of velvet fabric material which includes velveteen which is a combination of silk and rayon crushed velvet, chiffon, and hammered velvet are available in the market. Velvet is used to make furniture, curtains, and bedding sets. Velvet curtains add a nice, royal, and luxurious touch to your place by creating a lustrous appearance. Velvet curtains look splendid in dark colors such as purple, black, deep red, and navy blue. These velvet elegant curtains are suitable for the living room, bedroom, drawing room, and dining room as velvet curtains are heavy and create an ideal fall when hung.

The texture, pattern, and design of patterns of velvet curtains add a luxurious, attractive, eye-catching, and glamorous look to the window of your room. Beautiful velvet curtains enhance the overall look and help you to hide your old damaged windows and make them appear classic, stylish, and royal. On winter days, the heavy crushed velvet curtains are very suitable and they will help you to keep your place save energy, and warm at the same time. You can add heavy velvet curtains with chiffon curtains for summer it will look more attractive and feel less weight.

Choose the right color

There are numerous options available in the market when we go for shopping curtains. It’s important to look at your place first before selecting the appropriate which is suitable to your room’s appearance. Most colors are so attractive like red, yellow, orange, and blue colors but they are the worst choice for your bedroom because these bold shades will keep your room dark all over the day. A few colors like off-white, dusty pink, white, and light grey curtains will go well for your bedroom because it provides your room with a soothing, peaceful, and calming effect. We should consider those colors that affect the atmosphere of our place and also reflects our personality, taste, and style because it is essential to choose the right color for your place. Dark-colored curtains: Dark shades add a sober, sophisticated, warm look to your place. Velvet curtains in black, deep red, or deep green color are best to enrich the place with their royal and luxurious look. Dark colors do not get dirty quickly and hide unnecessary spots or stains well. The disadvantage of dark colors is that your room looks small and your curtain’s color will fade quickly due to sun exposure. Your room size should be large enough when you want to hang velvet curtains.

Light-colored curtains

Your room look appear bigger when you hang light-colored velvet curtains, it enhances the soft and elegant look of your room and that’s one is the biggest advantage of light-colored velvet curtains. Light color curtains let the maximum light get in and make your room brighter, bigger, and more spacious. The one conscious about light colors is that they get dirty faster soon and do not hide stains, so there is a need to wash them frequently. Golden color curtains are a perfect choice if your interior has golden touch because it provides your room look more soft and elegant.

Matte velvet curtain

If you want your room to look more luxurious and you want to give it a fancy look then you should consider putting an array of jewels, beads, or buttons in it. Your curtains look more balanced when you add the touch of shimmer with hooks, bows, and tiebacks. Solid colors curtains add a lift to your bedroom, living room, or drawing room. Solid matte velvet curtains are a perfect and ideal choice to be used as a room separator and dining room.