Label and sticker are important for branding as it helps us to identify the things easily. The materials used to make labels and stickers are different. Listed below are some of the types of Sticker and Label Materials

Polypropylene Labels:

Polypropylene labels can be used as a replacement for vinyl labels. It offers better clarity of data and excellent solvent resistance. Polypropylene labels are cost-effective as it is affordable than polyester labels. 

These labels come in different styles based on their coating, adhesive, and colours. Some of the popular types of Polypropylene labels:

  • Chrome Polypropylene Labels – Silver coloured: These label materials are resistant to oil and water and give a mirror-like finish.
  • Clear Polypropylene Labels: These are clear polypropylene material, that offers the same properties as chrome silver labels. It is also water-resistant. Clear Polypropylene labels are best used as window stickers.
  • Removable White Polypropylene Labels: These labels are less adhesive than regular Polypropylene labels, and can be removed easily.
  • White Polypropylene Labels: These labels have a permanent adhesive. It is impervious to water or oils. These labels are used for body and bath products, as well as food and beverage products.

Recycled Labels:

Recycled labels are made from recycled materials. It is usually made of paper and is ideal for craft, machine application as labels. It is not laminated and is not resistant to water and oil. 

Industrial Vinyl:

Industrial vinyl is the best-suited material for outdoor labels as the quality of the material offers resistance from UV radiations and is durable. It is also chemical and weather resistant. It offers excellent flexibility and can be used even on curved surfaces.

Uses – it can be used for pipeline labels, rental equipment, fleet decals, cable tray label.


Polyester labels are found in different types and shapes, the most popular one is one with the chrome finish or mirror-like perfection, and are commonly confused with stainless steel. The material is used for making both outdoor and indoor label. It can withstand harsh conditions, are weather-resistant and durable. It is equipped with long-lasting adhesives. 

It is ideal for labelling control pipes and panels. 

Satin Labels:

Satin labels or satin acetate cloth labels are ideal for spirit or wine labels. It adds the dimension to the package and best used for holiday gift packages.

Fluorescent Paper Labels:

These labels are coated with synthetic material with the fluorescent property. It is available in various colours such as red, pink, orange, and green. The labels are used for alerting or for caution.

Foil Paper Labels:

Foil paper labels are available in various colours – dull, bright, silver, or gold, and are generally used as a holiday or food stickers.

The price stickers and labels is used depending on the requirement and should be bought from the sticker and label suppliers.