What Is a Bandana Top and Why It Is So Popular?

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you might have seen people wear a bandana on their heads. However, this simple accessory has become very important in the fashion world.

Nowadays, people not only use a bandana to cover their head but wear it as a top as well. It is a unique and innovative top that accentuates your shoulders and collarbone.

So, what exactly is a bandana shirt and why it is so popular. To find the answers to these questions, follow this article.

What is Bandana Top?

Bandana means kerchief. It is a piece of cloth that is square in shape. You can fold the square cloth diagonally and make it into a triangle shape.

Most people use it as a head kerchief. They wear it on their head to protect it from dust and wind. However, it is also popular in various cultures.

This piece of clothing comes in intricate designs. You can wear it on your head, tie it on your neck, sleeves, bag and do many things with it.

It became extremely popular when rappers started using it. Tupac used to fold a bandana and wear it on his head. It is a very important piece of accessories in the music world.

Apart from that, many bikers also wear it on their head before placing the helmet on top of it. Nowadays, many people are using it to cover their faces.

There are many people who use bandana instead of face masks. It is fashionable but not safe in times like the current pandemic.

However, you can also wear it as a top. Most people purchase huge bandanas, fold them diagonally and wear them as a top. It doesn’t cover the shoulders.

You have to tie to two ends on your back. It leaves a triangular piece of cloth to cover your front. You can wear it with shorts and many other outfits.

But if you don’t want to take any risk and need a proper bandana top, you can purchase it online. It is available in most online stores.

Why are Bandana Tops So Popular?

These tops have been in the market for a few years. Early only bohemian people used to wear it. But now, many women are trying their hands on it. Here are some of the reasons why it is so popular.

  • Works as a Crop Top: You can easily use it as a crop top. It leaves your shoulders, back, and stomach exposed. If you don’t want to invest in a crop top or tube top, you can use it.
  • Easy to Carry: It is very easy to carry, especially when you are travelling. If you are going on holiday and don’t need much luggage but still want to stay in style, you can use it.
  • Comfortable: It is extremely comfortable to wear, especially during a warm climate.
  • Cheap: It is extremely cheap compared to tube tops, tank tops and crop tops. You can easily purchase it.