5 Things to Consider Before Buying CCTV Cameras

You’ve probably heard about how CCTV cameras provide security for many homeowners and workplaces. Since you also want to achieve a safer living space, turn on your cell phone and randomly look for a CCTV supplier in Singapore. However, the problem is you don’t know which to trust. Will your money be worth the investment? Is the supplier reliable? Or maybe the products are ineffective with damages?

All of these questions may run into your mind, especially if you’re a new buyer of a CCTV camera. You felt too conscious of making a mistake for your CCTV cameras as you rely on their benefits. Luckily, there are many ways for you to become a savvy shopper. It’s easy! You must consider essential things to know whether the surveillance cameras suit your needs and place.

To learn more, better continue reading this article to know what to consider before buying from CCTV companies in Singapore.

What to Consider Before Buying a CCTV Camera

There are,  of course, many types of CCTV cameras available in the market. And, not all of them will apply to your needs and places. The best way to ensure that the CCTV camera is perfect for your needs is to consider the features, scope, installation process, and more. To know them all, here are the things to consider before buying from a CCTV supplier in Singapore.

Considering these things may help you find the most suitable surveillance camera that will be of great help!


Type of CCTV Camera

For sure, you need to know the type of camera that will pass your requirements. CCTV cameras also come in different sizes and features. And it would be best if you found the most suitable for your needs to get the most out of it. After all, if you buy the wrong type of camera, you won’t get the service you expect, which wastes your money. To help you, here are the different kinds of surveillance cameras from a CCTV supplier in Singapore:

  • Dome Camera – Dome camera is applicable for indoor monitoring during the day. It is also the most common CCTV camera most establishments use for surveillance.
  • Wireless Cameras-If you want flexibility, wireless cameras are applicable. You can bring it anywhere you want because you don’t need to adjust the wirings. However, don’t forget to charge or put on a battery when using it all day long.
  • Varifocal Cameras – Varifocal cameras are applicable for entertainment purposes. You can zoom in and out of the video. For instance, you can use this for reality TV shows and make them more entertaining.
  • Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera – A night vision camera is applicable if you want to monitor your surroundings during nighttime. It can see through pitch black and monitor areas with no lighting.
  • Day/Night CCTV Camera – The camera is suitable for outdoor settings because the lenses are not sensitive to reflective lighting. You can install this in public places like parks, malls, or roads.
  • C-mount camera – The C-mount camera has an adjustable lens. You can use this in a wide area like a soccer field, wide roads, and public gathering spaces.
  • Bullet Type Cameras – If you want to monitor a fixed area, you can choose a bullet type camera to capture specific details. It’s applicable for indoor usage for home monitoring.


1) The Pricing

With various choices for your surveillance cameras, the prices will also vary. Better yet, look for a CCTV package in Singapore to get the best deals. However, don’t forget to consider quality over quantity as using a CCTV camera is an investment.

Before buying from a CCTV supplier, ask them about the prices to prepare your budget. And if you’re financially ready, you can now purchase and get ready to install it in your home.


2) The Area to Cover

It would help if you now considered the area to cover for your surveillance camera. Is it the workplace to monitor your employees? Do you need a CCTV camera for monitoring the backyard to ensure security for your home? Or maybe you need a camera to check the day to day life of your pets and children while you’re at work?

With these questions, you’ll be able to determine where to put the CCTV cameras. As such, you can find a suitable type of camera for your needs. For instance, you can buy a dome camera from a CCTV supplier because it’s applicable for an indoor installation. You can also install a night vision camera to monitor your backyard or front yard at night.

As you determine the area, you should also consider the angles of the video. The trick is to position the camera strategically to monitor a more expansive view of the delegated area.


Installation Process

After looking for the area to cover, it’s time to learn the installation process. If you’re going to install it alone, make sure to consider the wirings and other CCTV features. Moving forward, get all the necessary equipment like drill, screws, hammer, and holding pins.When you have all the equipment, read the manufacturing guide to know the correct step for installation. (Reminder: read the manufacturer guide to avoid mistakes that may damage your CCTV performance)

Better yet, look for a professional who can help you install if you do not have enough experience. Luckily, some CCTV companies in Singapore can offer assistance if you buy from them. If so, grab the opportunity and let them assist you.

Remember to observe safety when installing your CCTV. Wear safety glasses and gloves to avoid injury, especially if you’re installing it in high places.


Maintenance Routine

After installing the camera, you should also learn the maintenance routine to prolong the usage. You can ask the CCTV companies in Singapore to know the proper maintenance procedure to avoid damaging your cameras. If you know how to take care of your surveillance cameras, you can make the most out of them and get the most benefits for your home or office.

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